Thursday, December 29, 2011

There's No Business Like Snow Business

We took an afternoon and drove up to Mt Charleston to play in the snow for a little while.

Emmy had chocolate-covered-doesn't-matter-what-since-it's-chocolate-covered on the drive up there. Things were off to a great start!
We had to dig through lots of totes and closets to come up with stuff to wear up there. We figured the kids would last about an hour, and they were loving it from the get go.
I did buy the girls winter coats this year, and I'm always glad when there's a time that they actually need them.
We bought a cheap sled for the occasion, and it ended up being a one-time use sled. It cracked during one of the rides down the hill. 
Emmy wore Jansen's old snow boots that were featured in this blog post.
Still all smiles...
We held Emmy most of the time. That way she stayed warm (happy). She also had a hard time getting around in those boots.

All the girls:
Who know how to have some fun by the way!
I only went down the hill a handful of times, but I LOVED it. we're ready to go home.
We stopped at a tried and true taco truck on the way home. A little ghetto, but it's some good Mexican food for just a few bucks! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas! Christmas!

Christmas Eve Day was not typical. But still great.
Nate took Natalie and went to a Young Men's basketball practice in the morning. When he got home, the kids ran around happily while he worked on his painting of a peregrine falcon. I think I was cleaning or something. I made a quick trip the mall, and when I got back we went on a family bike ride to a park.
We had "dinner by candlelight" that night.
 The kids got to open presents from me and pajamas and books. We read some Christmas books and scripture stories. And we changed the children's pupils to red for extra Christmas spirit. :)
 We used some dough I had in the fridge and made cookies for Santa.
The kids went to bed like champs and slept through the night. Wake up time was probably about 6:30.
 We have church at 9, but we were still able to open presents, get some breakfast, and get there in time. Christmas miracle? I think so. We tear into those gifts at this house. It's all just one big crazy moment. Christmas morning is just way too awesome for words.
 And Emmy is left wondering, "What in the world just happened? I don't know, but I liked it."
 Our poor tree looked like it had been beaten with a log by the time December 25 rolled around. Emmy had no respect. And everything and anything got turned into an "ornament." You should have seen some of the things the kids tried to get me to hang on the poor thing. 
Here is Christmas morning magic:
 We had a delicious ham dinner with the Nelsons and tried out the parachute Nate and I got for the kids. We all remember parachute day at PE! Blessings in heaven for that man for going out in the cold and playing with them.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Days Before Christmas

I have a feeling there will be quite the blogging lull after Christmas. For now though, it's full speed ahead! Lots of pictures to share. 

We were delighted to have some members of our ward stop by and carol to us one night.
 We always love having the missionaries around. They had stopped in earlier that evening as well. I always want to give missionaries big huge hugs and thank them and praise and tell them I am so proud of them. 
 Even though Kiki just had her beautiful baby boy, she had us over to decorate sugar cookies. Maizie's got the idea...frosting straight to the mouth. 
 And my dear friend Heather from Ohio was there too! It absolutely made my day to see her and her kids.
 We've been reading lots of Christmas books. Hello Kitty's Christmas is the favorite unfortunately. 
 We took a trip to the Natural History Museum with Paisley. Such a creepy, weird kind of place that the kids LOVE. 
 And trying to teach my kids to serve others.We went around to candy machines and taped quarters to them with a little Merry Christmas wish. I don't know, hopefully it sinks it somewhere along the way. They really didn't seem to care and just wanted to spend one of the quarters they were given.
 Doing the sneaky work...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seeing Santa

First thing on our agenda Monday morning: go see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop.
Jansen and Natalie both brought something they wanted to show Santa.
 We've had some really nice days (weather-wise) lately. Didn't even really need jackets! Kami just needed one because she wasn't wearing a bra. Haha, just kidding.
 Man, I should shop here for Emmy's toys. All that fishing gear could have entertained her for a long time! And yes, this really is the only way I can do her hair right now.
 I love this one.
 They give you a free print of your picture, and that one turned out much better than this. It's still cute, and Jansen was much happier to be there than he looks. He did say later that Santa was very...unusual. We prodded and asked what he meant, but he just kept saying, "He was unusual. Just, you know, unusual. I don't know, unusual."

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Forgotten Carols

I have just been having more than my fair share of fun lately. Monday night Kami, Nate, and I went to the Forgotten Carols. We had been one other time like 7 years ago, and I decided we should go see it again. Nate had the awesome idea of taking his truck, so the three of us piled across the front seat.
 I could have screamed when I turned on my camera just as we were leaving and saw the words battery exhausted. Thankfully, Kami had her much-better-than-mine camera and we still got some pictures.
 Check this girl out. A silent beauty.
 There are certain people that bring out the weirdness that is deep within my soul. I'm so thankful when Kami, my sister, and other friends come to visit, and I can release some of the strangeness that is the real me. This night's treats consisted of Sixlets, Mike n Ikes again, and sour watermelons.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Night Out

Last night was a blast. I went to Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour with Kami, some old roommates, and other friends. We had dinner at Sugar Factory first. I just had a club sandwich and some sweet potatoes fries, but it was delicious. Maybe simply because I didn't have to make it and I didn't have to clean it up.
 We all lived at The Riviera together in Provo during college. These gals were around when Nate and I met and heard about all the ups and downs of our dating saga. Rachel and Kami live in the same house now, and Rachel's brother and his wife are in our ward. I love having connections that help me stay in touch with old friends.
 At Michael Jackson...the night was complete with our wildly overpriced and extremely hard Red Vines and Mike n Ikes. I happen to know that Brad and Angelina and all their kids were there as well.
 Kami and I rocked out to Jackson 5 on the ride home. I listened to that CD a lot in high school. Well that and Backstreet Boys of course. Happily, Nate was at home with the kids having the time of his life as well. Time of his life = Howie's pizza, Angry Birds gummies, and Curious George A Very Monkey Christmas. It makes me happy to know they had a fun night too. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Emmy loves hiding in the laundry bags. Sanitary? Maybe not. Sanity? Yes. Anything that contains her and keeps her occupied contributes to my saneness. It's a great place to keep her while I put on my makeup or blow dry my hair. (It's in the bathroom.)
 The best games are the ones that the kids come up with on their own. This is four square (two square?) in our entryway.
 Natalie got an award from school for a free GIANT cookie from Great Harvest. We had a fun morning heading down there and gobbling up the goodness they sell.
 I bought Emmy a booster seat and boy is she excited about it. I knew she would be. She literally screams to get in it sometimes. Now she help Natalie in the crafting chaos and play-dough paloozas.
 When she hears the sink go on, it's an all out run to get to the sink. She loves "washing" her hands and turning the lights on and off. New word this week is uh-oh and she has said it (at very appropriate moments) no less than 100 times.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Don't Let Me Get Hungry

This is for you, Mom!

I have a very distinct memory of being curled up on the kitchen floor as a teenager, in tears. I was hungry, and I had waited too long to eat. Seems like I remember doing that a lot. I think I was just REALLY busy. And if I let myself get too hungry, I got mean, I crumbled, and I cried. In that order. My poor mom had to deal with this scenario way too many times. 

That doesn't happen anymore. Here are some favorite things keeping me full this winter: