Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas! Christmas!

Christmas Eve Day was not typical. But still great.
Nate took Natalie and went to a Young Men's basketball practice in the morning. When he got home, the kids ran around happily while he worked on his painting of a peregrine falcon. I think I was cleaning or something. I made a quick trip the mall, and when I got back we went on a family bike ride to a park.
We had "dinner by candlelight" that night.
 The kids got to open presents from me and pajamas and books. We read some Christmas books and scripture stories. And we changed the children's pupils to red for extra Christmas spirit. :)
 We used some dough I had in the fridge and made cookies for Santa.
The kids went to bed like champs and slept through the night. Wake up time was probably about 6:30.
 We have church at 9, but we were still able to open presents, get some breakfast, and get there in time. Christmas miracle? I think so. We tear into those gifts at this house. It's all just one big crazy moment. Christmas morning is just way too awesome for words.
 And Emmy is left wondering, "What in the world just happened? I don't know, but I liked it."
 Our poor tree looked like it had been beaten with a log by the time December 25 rolled around. Emmy had no respect. And everything and anything got turned into an "ornament." You should have seen some of the things the kids tried to get me to hang on the poor thing. 
Here is Christmas morning magic:
 We had a delicious ham dinner with the Nelsons and tried out the parachute Nate and I got for the kids. We all remember parachute day at PE! Blessings in heaven for that man for going out in the cold and playing with them.


Anonymous said...

I do remember parachute day. In grade school we accidently knocked out a boy's tooth when things got a little crazy. It was tramatic.

Nollie said...

We flew through Vegas this morning on our way back to OH and thought of you guys. Part of me hoped that our plane would be overbooked so we could voluntarily get bumped and have an excuse to come hang at your house until our new flight. :) Glad to see all is well. Enjoy the sunshine for me!

Kati said...

I'm glad it's not just my house that looks like that on Christmas morning. You're good to let your kids open presents before church. We never would've made it in time if we had done that.

David and Kristi Gailey said...

Nathan was the same way on Christmas morning. He was totally excited even though he didn't know what to be excited about! My tree didn't last an hour with Nathan in the house either. I have found ornaments stashed all over the house. We recently lost Connor's bear and found it hanging on the tree. Love it! We miss you guys!