Thursday, June 24, 2010

Been Up To

Natalie's naps are becoming a little hit and miss (this causes me physical and emotional pain). So the days can be long and often tantrum-filled, but we've been finding some things to keep us busy and smiling.
Attempting to grow some green beans in a Sesame Street greenhouse...will they make it? Only time will tell.
Look at our poor old dining room chairs that have been banished to the hot outdoors where their fate is sealed: discoloration, stains, rips, and sun bleached cushions. I'll have to post pictures sometime of our new dining room table. We love it. And pictured...having a bike wash in the backyard:
Made it over to the children's museum. Enjoyed ourselves immensely, but sometimes at places like this all I do is sit and try to figure out how I would handle it with 3 kids. Even if one was strapped to me.
Oh they loved this.
That's the way Natalie, get a couple different kinds of ice cream, you never know what kind of a mood you will be in. Also featuring your friendly neighborhood grocery man:
Making...rock faces I guess??? They loved it anyway.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Kind of Dad

To be honest, when I married Nate I wasn't sure exactly what kind of dad he would be. Oh, I knew he would be a wonderful one...I just wasn't sure what his little daddy specialties would be and all the ins and outs of it. He has far exceeded my dreams and expectations.
I ran across this picture while looking for one of him to put in this post and it could not be more perfect. THIS is the kind of dad he is. Who knows what he is showing the kids. It's probably a bird, but it could also be a jet, a cloud formation, a butterfly, etc.
He's also the kind of dad that has a sore arm after a hike/walk because he helps Natalie "fly" so much.

He's the kind of dad that always ends up putting the kids to bed late because they read one more book or he drew them one more picture.

He's the kind of dad that has taught his children what a Western Tanager is.

He's the kind of dad that smiles happily at me when Natalie asks him to rock her instead of me.

He's the kind of dad I could go on and on about.

Happy Father's Day to Nate...and also to the wonderful fathers that are a part of our life and make it a blessed one!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Minute Saturday Outing

Before I post some pictures of our quick trip to the Valley of Fire last Satuday...

Do you ever feel like your head is just absolutely SWIMMING with to do lists, wants, needs, obligations, ideas, etc etc! I swear, it's non stop. I always feel pulled in so many directions. Here are a FEW places my mind was pulled to today: I should read order/read books about discipling/teaching my kids, online shopping for swimsuit, Relief Scoiety calling stuff, what to have for dinner, pay bills, put away laundry, just pick up around the house, reschedule appointments, Father's Day, birthdays, kindergarten registration, blog, study scriptures, etc. It's just a sampling I tell you. Aaaahhhhhh! Life goes on I guess and we seem to be doing alright.
Definitely have to make time for stuff like this though:
I think I could almost count that day as exercise. Yes!
I just think the blue skies against the red rock is so incredible.
The kids had the hardest time not stopping at every place like this. They loved finding a little spot just for them.
Well, time to go decide what swimming thought to reel in and work on.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Was Hoping It Would Be Like This!

I am loving that Las Vegas attracts so many visitors for one reason or another. My little heart was so happy when my cousin Angie called on Friday morning and said they were in St. George and wanted to stop by that afternoon. We bowled the night away (my kids' first time) and then enjoyed dinner together. Her older girls were so helpful with Jansen and Natalie and I love how well the kids get along even though they rarely see each other.

That's Shane on the right. We pretty much owe him everything...he set us up on our blind date way back when.

Such delightful company these two are:
Bowling's not just about knocking down pins. It's about filling up your shirt with air. But you knew that.
Hey everyone, keep the visits comin'!

Monday, June 14, 2010

All Done!

With medical school!
And I am so stinkin' proud of him.
Nate and I (yep, no kids) went back to Columbus a week and a half ago for Nate's graduation from medical school. It was really a special thing to be a part of. Nate was given an award from the Family Medicine Department "in recognition of the student whose dedication to Family Medicine, Family Medicine Research, and the teaching of Family Medicine exemplifies the pivotal role of Family Medicine in the future." What they don't know is that he also took exceptional care of his wife, worked for almost two years while in medical school, served in numerous ways at church, and gave first priority to his kids, family, and friends. Now THAT deserves an award.
So happy to be on this journey with him...
We were so grateful to have the support of his family. I bet it is a wonderful feeling as a parent to see one of your children accomplish something like this.

We had some time to enjoy a few of our favorite places while we were visiting.
And I got to steal a night with some of my favorite people! We try to drag out these nights as long as possible with dinner, a movie, and a treat, but the evening always FLIES by. So typical.
Finally made it to the Columbus Museum of Art.
And a parting shot of some amazing Chihuly work:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paper Airplanes

I melted the other night when Nate pulled out a big box of miscellaneous things from his childhood and told Jansen all about the items. Jansen was enthralled. He thought it was the greatest thing to sit and listen to Nate's stories and memories. Jansen now has Nate's old dream catcher hanging above his bed (that has successfully been catching bad dreams) and he sleeps with an old bear that Nate used to use as well. Probably the biggest hit has been the Whitewings though. It's an old set of paper airplanes from the 80s that you cut out and assemble, but you have to be very precise and patient. Good thing Nate is just that---precise and patient. Nate and Jansen worked on them for several days, usually during Natalie's nap, and I have to say they are pretty cool.

Then we all went out to fly them. Even the girls.
We tied several rubberbands together to and then launched those puppies! The kids had a ball chasing after them. Heck, I even chased after a few. Me and me belly just chugging along.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Easy to Love

Some people are just so easy to love.
Like Christian (Nate's brother), his wife Julie, and their kids Kyle and Brooklyn who came for a visit...and to do us a HUGE favor and watch our kids while we went back to Columbus for Nate's graduation.
Jansen and Kyle are only a few weeks apart in age.
And despite the size difference, these two are just a little over a month apart.
I'm still on the search for a maternity swimsuit. Definitely taking suggestions. Temperature-wise it has now reached that point where I really don't want to go outside at all.
Our Memorial Day dinner! Lots of cute kids all in one backyard.

Cool cats.
Yes, it's snow. Yes, it's Nate sliding down the snow on his bummy.
"If you take that picture I will kill you." Or put it on my blog for others to laugh at.
Stopping at Dima's for some great Mexican food.
Natalie threw up all night and I am exhausted, but really I just kept thinking that I am SOOOO glad that didn't happen while Christian and Julie were here babysitting. Thanks again you two!