Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Little Party

Since we will be moving from Columbus next year and Jansen has some really great friends out here, we decided to have a birthday party for him.

Didn't Nate do a fabulous job on the cake? I helped a little with the decorating, but he deserves all the credit.

Hope the kids had as much fun as Jansen and I did!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Guess Which One is Mine

It's been a few hours since dinner and we both want a little something else. Can you guess which one is mine? The chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream? Or the bowl of spinach?

We all know the answer. Thankfully, Nate doesn't give me a hard time about this because:

1. He knows what's good for him (meaning, keep the wife happy)
2. I RARELY get sick, so he has come to the conclusion that although I consume many unhealthy things, it's working for me

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Jansen will be 4 on Sunday. I cannot even tell you how many times Nate and I have said to each other, "He is such a good boy." He has his moments like any kid his age, but he is a pretty darn good kid and so smart. He was an insanely hard baby and I remember thinking, this could turn out two ways. This crazy baby will be a crazy kid or else he will totally change and probably be a pretty easy toddler/child. The latter is definitely true.

Jansen loves to run and ride his little bike/trike thing. He has endless energy when it comes to these two things.

He is still completely obsessed with trains. He loves all the Thomas stuff, but he also really loves all the realistic type locomotives and steam engines. He would honestly really enjoy watching a documentary made for adults about locomotives. He pretends everything is a train, tapes his race cars together to make trains, knows all the names of all the parts of a train, etc.

He has recently become a coloring maniac. It was only a couple months ago that he was scribbling once or twice on a page and calling it done. Now he will spend an hour or two just coloring different train pictures.

He likes routine and is set in his ways. There is a certain color of plate and fork he likes to use with every meal, ALWAYS sits in the same seat, etc. He can easily get hung up on details like this if things are not the way he wants them.

He loves to type on the computer and play games. He uses the mouse really well and is learning about the computer almost more quickly than I feel comfortable with!

He seems to be naturally drawn to writing, drawing, and reading. I sure can't take credit for it.

Now that I know we are having another boy, I am so excited to think that Jansen will be this
baby's older brother and example. I can't think of a better role model.

He loves peanut butter sandwiches, pancakes, and Yoplait's key lime pie yogurt. He's not big on food and rarely tells me he's hungry. Eating seems to be more of a nuisance and something that takes away from playtime so it's not worth it to him.

Jansen is often overly cautious and wary of things like dogs, amusement park rides, other people, etc. He's sort of the opposite of a dare devil...except when it comes to playing on the playground.

Love this kid. So much that it almost hurts. He's an awesome big brother...he and Natalie are having some wonderful times playing together these days. I am so grateful to have him and frankly, he is a mini Nate and I can't ask for anything better than that!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Nye Guy!

I have had no inclinations about the gender of this baby until about 24 hours ago. Since then, I have definitely had boy on the brain and that's what it is! We had a little fun while we waited for the doctor to come in:

Little face of our little man:

For some reason this one is my favorite. Love those knobby knees!

Letting us know what he is:

We were so prepared and excited for a boy or a girl, but I must say I am breathing a sigh of relief that I only have one little girl's hair to do for awhile! If any little girl can handle being sandwiched between 2 boys it's our Natalie. We're so excited. By the way, Jansen has said all along that it's a boygirl with green skin. Sounds problematic to me. Anyway, even after we told him what it is he refuses to accept anything but boygirl with green skin and as his mother I know to just let that one go and we'll deal with Jansen's disappointment when baby gets here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We've Been...

...having such a great time with Nate. This is one of those dream weeks where we all get to be together as a family without school or work in the way. We took both the kids to get their checkups today (so nice to have Nate there to help). And tomorrow is my ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby!!!

Jansen pretending to be a doctor
Getting things on that to-do list checked off
Going on dates