Thursday, July 27, 2017


Jansen had a surge in interest in Rainbow Loom again this spring.

Natalie and Nate schemed a surprise birthday party for me. Nate's mom was so sweet and shipped some things to Natalie to help her with it all. 

There were decorations, games, food, and some neighbor friends to help celebrate. Natalie did such a wonderful job with everything.

Scotty was in town for work and came and spent a night with us. I loved every minute of it! We walked along the Riverwalk and had dinner at Tiago's afterwards. I could talk with him for hours, and he is so good to me. It was like having a piece of home with me.

Bluebonnets will always remind us of Texas!


100th day of school - dress like you are 100 years old

I enjoyed my few minutes alone with Jansen every morning as I dropped him off at school. Most of the year he just wanted to get there right before the bell, but towards the end of the year he wanted to arrive earlier and earlier to secure a spot near his friend in the hallway to talk Rubik's cubes. 

I took this picture because he was holding the door open for people. He did that almost every day. I was very proud of how he navigated his first year at middle school.

Leah just loves the zoo. I bought an annual pass for just me and her. Summer (I'm writing this in July) has been hard for her because she asks EVERY day to go to the zoo and I have to tell her we can't. It's too hot, and it's too expensive to pay full price for the other kids. I look forward to some zoo time with her this fall.

This picture belongs in last month's post, but this is Natalie and Miss Axell in the matching skirts Natalie sewed.

I knew the yard would be hard to keep with while Nate was gone, and I was right. We did our best to stay on top of the weeds, and the kids helped a lot.

Emmy's Valentine's Day box for school

Kiki's visit was just what I needed. She was awesome enough to come help me at a field trip I had volunteered for, and it ended up being a ton of fun. It was an "amazing race" with the GT kids in downtown.

She also got to see Natalie share her fabulous poem.

I took her to the Riverwalk and the King William district.

Jansen finished up another season of i9 basketball.