Friday, December 16, 2011

Emmy loves hiding in the laundry bags. Sanitary? Maybe not. Sanity? Yes. Anything that contains her and keeps her occupied contributes to my saneness. It's a great place to keep her while I put on my makeup or blow dry my hair. (It's in the bathroom.)
 The best games are the ones that the kids come up with on their own. This is four square (two square?) in our entryway.
 Natalie got an award from school for a free GIANT cookie from Great Harvest. We had a fun morning heading down there and gobbling up the goodness they sell.
 I bought Emmy a booster seat and boy is she excited about it. I knew she would be. She literally screams to get in it sometimes. Now she help Natalie in the crafting chaos and play-dough paloozas.
 When she hears the sink go on, it's an all out run to get to the sink. She loves "washing" her hands and turning the lights on and off. New word this week is uh-oh and she has said it (at very appropriate moments) no less than 100 times.

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Anonymous said...

So you want us to believe it's her idea to be put in the laundry basket. mmmmm. That little monkey is in way to big a hurry to grow up!