Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Concerning Money

Oh the things this kid says make me happy. Here he is working on a train drawing...using at least 6 pieces of paper. And don't you love the *comfortable* position he is in?

He has really been wanting to do jobs for me lately to earn money. Funny thing is, I have the hardest time coming up with jobs for him. And there are things I want his help with that I don't consider money-earning cleaning his room or whatever. I asked him to do something the other day and he wanted to know if it would earn him money. I said, "No, but it would sure make me happy." He says to me, "Well mom, jobs that sure make you happy don't help me earn money."

And the other guy in my life...
I asked Nate the other day what he would tell someone if they asked him the secret to a happy marriage. He immediately answered, "Keep your mouth shut and your checkbook open." I laughed out loud and was surprised at his answer. Says a lot about his wife though doesn't it? :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

32 Weeks

This week, okay not till Thursday, I will be 32 weeks. I am giving Nate a nasty look because right before he took this picture he kind of paused and said something to the effect of, " it out?" Meaning, am I pushing my belly out. I was not. So he is in trouble. I'll just stew an hour or two and be over it but boy he better watch it. Just this past week I have felt increasingly awkward, lazy, uncomfortable, etc. I can do it though! SOOOOOO worth it. Always.

Our old computer died and we are still trying to get all our "stuff" on this new computer so blogging could be and has been hindered. Plus I think my camera is dead. This was taken with Nate's phone...thank goodness we have a way to document ME at 32 weeks!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where to Keep Your Alarm Clock

Sometimes Jansen does stuff that just melts my heart because I think it's so cute. For some reason this is "so cute" to me...all his supplies for a long journey tucked into the waistband of his pants. Earlier he had been walking around the house like this.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Always Gets Me Thinking

I was reading this post yesterday and found it very interesting and close to home. I think we've all read blog posts before that have made us stop and say, "How in the world does she have time for that?" Or, "Sheesh, look at that kids had chicken nuggets again." Or, "Her girls' hair always looks so perfect!" I do it all the time! Just a couple weeks ago I got major stressed and felt kind of down for not doing more activities with my kids. So I planned some, and subsequently blogged about it because I want to record these things and share what our family has been up to with family and friends. But knowing my own self all too well, I wondered if people would think I did stuff like that with my kids EVERY day. I sure don't. They are watching TV right now. Again.
I think blogs are like a family picture. There on the screen is the beautiful finished product, like a family portrait hanging on the wall. But what you don't see is the stressful search for matching outfits, the rescheduling because of rain, the HUGE tantrum thrown in the middle of the road, the refusals to smile, the pee soaked pants from waiting too long to go potty...nevertheless you are usually able to get one good picture and that's what everyone sees.
I love blogs, personally. It's such a great resource for ideas, recipes, feeling connected, catching up, etc. I just wish I could figure out how I, and I guess we, can all still realize we are wonderful women, moms, wives, etc when seeing all the great productive things others are up to that we haven't quite attempted or mastered yet.
And yet, I don't think we should hide anything when we are successful, talented, or happy. I love seeing that kind of stuff. It makes me want to be better. I learn from the examples of others. And I'm certainly not going to lie just to avoid I don't know what...I LOVE my life, husband, and kids. I just do. Life is flippin hard most days, but I really couldn't ask for more.
Not even really sure why I'm blogging about this...maybe in a way to tell you all how much I admire you and learn from you...and to remind everyone that blog post life is not real life! Just a way to record and remember and connect and learn.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Totally Better Late Than Never

Our anniversary was May 7, and we were packed in a moving truck heading across the country at that time. We decided we would just celebrate June 7. Well, June 7 came along and I think that day we both just kind of looked at each other and said, "Oh yeah, we were going to celebrate our marriage today." It wasn't much of a celebration. We made up for it though. This past weekend we went to the Venetian in downtown Las Vegas and saw Phantom of the Opera. We both absolutely loved it. 

But this was also the fateful night that someone asked me if I was having twins. I guess there might be another nine pounder growing in there. I'm coming up on 30 weeks, and I vacillate between wanting her here and out so badly and being so grateful she is safely and quietly contained inside me.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well...the title of this post doesn't make a whole ton of sense...but what I'm getting at is this: took the kids to Utah and got to have a fun fun morning with some of our very greatest Ohio buddies who have moved to Utah. As soon as the kids saw each other pandemonium ensued. A happy, so-good-to-be-together-again kind of chaos. They were screaming and running and chasing and loving every moment of being able to play together after so long.

Picking up right where we left off...
Want to make the moment sweeter? Add popsicles!
We are definitely going to need to make this happen more often.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mail Children

As the temperatures climbed into the hundreds out here, I knew I needed to find someone to go get the mail for me. Our box is at the end of the cul-de-sac and I can be a wet, sweaty, ornery mess just walking from here to there. I mean, it's a good 50 yards away. :) It was really in the best interest of the whole family that I got the children to do the dirty work. Those of you that have known me for awhile know that I am well versed in getting people to do my dirty work.

I load them up with outgoing mail. Hand over the key to Jansen. And send them truckin'.
Jansen has learned how to unlock our box...still has some trouble getting it closed and locked back up, but we've almost got those kinks worked out.
They do good work. And the mail even makes it back to me for the most part!