Monday, August 31, 2009

Her Birthday

We had a great day on Natalie's birthday. It was also accompanied by that ever present mommy guilt of whether or not I was making the day special enough for her. I don't ever want to go overboard, but I want my kids to have great memories of their birthdays and to have fun traditions. I finally decided on at least two traditions...a new book each birthday and a new special plate to eat meals on that day.
After opening some presents, we spent the morning at World of Bounce, one of those inflatable play places. Jansen just LOVES it was really for him that we went.

I just melt when I see her playing pretend with her new dollhouse.

Sunday we had cake and ice cream...mmm, minutes ago I snuck a couple bites of the leftover cake. Now we're looking forward to Jansen's birthday this weekend!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A 2 Year Old in Our Midst

I feel like I am being reminded more and more of how short and fleeting this time is that I get to have my little ones all to myself for most of the day. Creeping around the corner is kindergarten, elementary school, junior high...and so although I am already thinking about her turning 3 and hoping that it magically squelches her tantrums, I am mostly looking forward to spending time with her as a fun, energetic, hilarious, and adorable 2 year old.

Some things to remember about her:
Natalie has a soft, pink blanket that she used to call her "mank" and is now calling it her blanket. It is her comfort and love. She often asks me to "make her a place" which means spread it out on the carpet so she can lay on it. She likes cuddle time and is in her happy place when I am holding her, her thumb is in her mouth, blanket is smooshed against her face, and she is humming contentedly.

She loves to burst out spontaneous renditions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

For some reason she is always yelling, "Stop mom! Stop!" when I am driving. It is often followed by, "I tell you something."

Also in the car: when she has finished drinking her sippy cup she says, "1, 2, 3, GO!" and then hurls it towards the front of the car. I know this sounds a little crazy but I think it's funny.

She is great at going to sleep. We read books and then she climbs happily in bed with her animals, blanket, and water. Sleeping through the night on the other hand is STILL an issue.

She absolutely loves being read to.

Lately she doesn't want to get in her carseat unless she has a fresh diaper on. If it's not a new one, she arches her back and yells, "I poopy mom! I poopy!"

She likes going down the stairs on her stomach, headfirst. I do not like this.

She loves Clifford, Blue's Clues, Elmo, etc.

She knows many of the letters of the alphabet and most of her colors.

She asks me, "Watch a show mom?" many times a day.

I have shared this many times on the blog, but she is a very messy eater. This is how she eats burritos: unroll it, lay in flat on the table, smashes her face into it until her forehead is against the table, and slurps.
Her favorite foods are milk, strawberries, burritos, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, and pasta.
She's not big on breakfast...I have to really convince her to come and eat something. If she is hungry she goes to the fridge and says, "Want something else mom."

She is emotional and throws herself to the floor if things don't go her way..."hold you mama" are her favorite words when she is upset.

I am usually greeted with a "meow" and a lick on the arm when I go get her out of bed in the morning.

She loves to sit in the bathroom with her milk and a pile of books while I shower.

She HATES having her hair washed.

She will currently only wear her Wal-Mart crocs...even to church. It really bothers me. I don't know how we are going to transition to the next pair of shoes.

She still loves dogs and says, "Pet him?" whenever we see one.

She is such a blessing to have around. Nate and I are constantly looking at each other and smiling or laughing because of her. I just couldn't love a little person more.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I get to see him!

Nate has been in Florida for 4 weeks doing an active duty tour/away rotation for medical school.

He has loved it,
but I think he's ready to come home...where he doesn't have to worry about things like this:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last of Lexi

Thanks again for coming Lexi.

For stomping around town with me...
For all your help with the kids...
For inhaling very large creampuffs with me...
And for riding the train...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Almost 19 Weeks and the Scary Fire Station

I know you are curious so here's an awkward picture.
My sweet little Jansen is so funny sometimes. We went on a short tour of a fire station this morning (I had to do some convincing to get Jansen to comply). It was such a fun little outing, but Jansen was scared/wary/cautious/nervous the whole time and even wanted me to hold him. I think his little mind is just growing and learning and imagining so much these days...he's all mixed up about evil guys and good guys and how this whole big bad world works. I sure love him.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Far

So far...we have loved having my sister Lexi here!
Last night we made a trip to Rita's and it was pouring rain so we just put the seats down in the car and ate in there.

I hope with all my heart that none of my future children are as messy with food as this one. Ice cream was dripping from her hair.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Laughs

Just a few more funny things that I want to remember about the kids. I know I'll be glad I wrote these down.

Today I was pulling Natalie in the wagon and she told me she wanted to get out. I stopped as she climbed over the side. She came to the front of the wagon, grabbed the handle from me and said, "Get in mom." Seriously. This girl cracks me up.

Yesterday Nate was talking to Jansen on the phone and asking him about his day. Nate asked him who he had gone swimming with earlier that day and Jansen said, "My wise friend James. Which is funny, because that's the name of an engine."

Also yesterday. Jansen is on the floor doing something strange with his feet. He says, "Mom, guess what I'm doing?"

Me: "I don't know. What are you doing?"

Him: "I'm exercising myself. To make myself 5. So that I can climb a tree like Booker."

Me: "You're making yourself 5?"

Him: "Without birthdays."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hate This Part of Being a Mom

Brushing teeth!

I guess Jansen is pretty good about letting me brush his teeth, but Natalie hates it. I have pretended she is a dog, rocked her and pretended we were in a boat while I brushed, made her laugh so I could get in her mouth, shared the brush as we do it together, told her about her day as we brushed, straddled her and pinned her, brushed my teeth with her, told her about sugar bugs, etc. It's always such a fight and I have to do it twice a day! All for some teeth that are gonna fall out. I can't wait for the day that I can trust them to do it themselves and do a good job.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Some Funny Things They've Said

They've both kind of been making up songs lately. We were driving down the road and Natalie says to me from the back seat,
"Mom? You want me sing song bout houses? Hooouuuusssseesss...houses...hhhooooouuses..."

Then I overheard Jansen a few days ago singing to himself, (you'll have to imagine the long, sing-songy drawn out voice he was using)
"Iffffff the answer is noooooo then you doooooon't get to doooooo what you want to dooooo..."

And finally this afternoon I asked Jansen what he would like to drink. He replied, "Is chocolate milk in the deal?"

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Everyday I get to battle this one after each meal to try and clean her hands and face before she makes a mad dash for the couch or other used-t0-be-clean object in the living room. It's like a game. She decides she's done eating, rips off her bib, and makes a run for it before I can snag/tackle her.

Everyday I get to see a "dog show." I am instructed to sit on the stairs and watch and clap for the performing dog.
Everyday I try to think of new ideas to get the kids excited about going upstairs for bathtime. Thankfully we got this cool boat from Grandma Kim in the mail today and it was a hit in the tub.
Everyday she is a stinker. Let me tell you why she has those tight curls around her face. She threw a huge tantrum and when she does she gets really hot and sweaty and it made those little curls just spring right up because of her hot, wet face. They did not look like that before the screaming/crying fit. Hey, a girls gotta have her curls right?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things I've Enjoyed About Today

-Jansen didn't want me to sit on his train tracks while I got him dressed this morning so he said, "Mom, don't put any of your muscles or body parts on my train tracks."

-Sweet and sour sauce

-Fall-like weather

-Natalie leaning over in her carseat and saying to her brother, "Jansen, you want a cheeseburger?"

-Inexpensive blueberries

-Going on a beautiful walk with lots of wildflowers and happy kids that love to explore

-Kroger's version of Big Sticks

-Maybe being $100 richer

And it's only 2:30!

Monday, August 3, 2009

For Breakfast

Peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast? They are so strange.

And so cute.
And so silly.