Saturday, July 28, 2007

Big Tractors!

It was Farm Days at COSI this week...which means a 2 year old boy's dream come true: lots of big tractors. Jansen was content just playing with the toy tractors inside the science center, so it was fun to take him outside to see the REAL tractors. He was in heaven. And I felt like I was in a rainforest. I don't think I will EVER have anything good to say about humidity. Nate didn't think it was "that hot." Maybe he just needs to be 9 months pregnant with long hair and makeup that is basically melting off your face! Hah hah.
He would have ridden this one all day. But there were lots of little boys in line. We entered a raffle to win it...but I don't think we will because we got an awesome parking space downtown so all our luck probably got used up on that.

Have you ever seen such a big machine?!

After Farm days we drove a few minutes to the North Market. It's one of those public markets that sells local produce, peanuts, honey, flowers, fish, ETC! Nate drooled over the prospect of having fresh Lake Erie Walleye for dinner tonight. But we decided against purchasing the $20/lb fishy. Jansen enjoyed the muffin we got him though.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Sometimes I just assume that Jansen knows what things he should and shouldn't touch. I saw this dead fly on the windowsill but figured he would have some innate sense that it was disgusting (so he wouldn't want to touch it) and walked in the other room for a minute. I came back and found that I had made some very wrong assumptions. I snapped a few pictures before getting rid of the fly and washing his hands. I think in the second one he had just ripped the fly's wings off. Should I be concerned about the look of enjoyment on his face?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Black Treats and Headbands

I am getting such a kick out of Jansen lately. He's really learning a lot of new words and putting two or more together like "more milk" or "big truck." And he's really into colors too. With that said, last night I gave him some chocolate chips for an after dinner treat. He ate them up pretty quickly and then called to me, "More! More black treats!" I thought that was hilarious. Black treats...the new name for chocolate chips at our house. And this one is kinda gross but he also said, "big poop" yesterday. I'm sure you can guess what he was trying to tell me with that one. I think he remembered that phrase from yesterday morning when we were on a walk and came across some horse manure on a bridge. Okay, enough of that.

I really hope this baby IS indeed a girl. For one, that bedroom we painted is REALLY pink. And for two, I am having a lot of fun making some headbands and bows for her. Well...I've actually only made one. But I plan on making more and am really excited about it. Here's a picture of one I made today:

I was going to have Jansen model it, but if Nate saw that on the blog he would be really upset. Sheesh.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The House

Well, we finally took a little video of the house. We are still working on a lot of things, but we felt like it was in presentable here it is! I had to cut Nate off at the end of the second video so that we could fit it on the blog. Just didn't want anyone to think there was marital discord.

This is the outside and downstairs:

This is the upstairs:

Friday, July 20, 2007

Only at Nate's House

Nate kept telling me he had something to show me---those words evoke both excitement and fear within me. Because it is usually something really cool that I will be excited about, or it's something that will totally disgust me. This falls a little somewhere in between...more towards the cool part really. I guess some ducks laid their eggs right on the side of our house! I have to admit, right when I saw them my very first thought (before I had a chance to even realize how stupid of a thought it was) was that they were snake eggs! A python maybe! Alas, they are just harmless duck eggs. Probably very rotten. Nate will be removing them, very carefully, soon.
And one more story...all you women out there understand curling iron burns. You know, on your forehead or even your neck or something. Well yesterday I burned my big ol' belly on the curling iron. I was leaning over the bathroom counter when it sizzled me. And I had a doctor's appointment in about an hour so they got to see the result of my carelessness. Not fun.

You Leave Them Alone For One Minute!

I know this isn't a very big mess considering the mess capabilities of a 2 year old, but here it is anyway. The result of leaving your child unattended for just a moment! Man he works fast!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Birthing Suite Awaits...

I was looking online to read a little bit about the hopsital I will be delivering at and came across this section on my "birthing suite." I thought it was so funny. It sounds like an excerpt from or something.

"Birthing Suite: Our labor and delivery unit features private birthing suites for labor, delivery and recovery. These spacious suites include:
- A private bathroom with gentle massage shower or bath
- A sofa bed and gliding chair
- An entertainment center and stereo with tape and CD options
And that's only the beginning. Our suites are also equipped with leading edge medical technology, including a fetal monitor that allows mother and baby to be monitored as the mother walks the hallways, allowing her to remain mobile.
Complete with a
virtual tour!"

Wow huh? I bet I will ENJOY being in labor if I get to do it in one of those rooms! Hah hah. Tonight the baby had the hiccups and it was so fun to feel. I had forgotten that they can get the hiccups and I thought she was just kicking and kicking. Only 6 more weeks!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I can't even tell you how much we love our house. "Our" house that we are renting of course. It is so nice to actually have some room to breathe! And Jansen loves having some space to play. But Nate and I have both agreed that we look back at our Country Ridge apartment days with fond memories...but please don't make me ever go back! So we have been painting a couple of rooms upstairs---I say "we" but it's pretty much all Nate. All in the interest of the baby of course. :) Jansen wanted to help yesterday so Nate held him while he painted some of the wall. They did a great job!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

What Boys Like to Do

These pictures were actually taken while we were in UT at Nate's dads house, but I thought they were cute so I wanted to post them.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Newest Addition

We recently discovered this sugar crystal sitting at the bottom of some syrup I had made before we went to UT. Nate got really excited about it...I don't share in this excitement with him...but I figured if he thought it was cool enough to remove it and place it in our kitchen window then it deserved a moment of recognition on the blog. Here's to you, sugar crystal.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July

Well, this is a little late but I wanted to post some pictures from the 4th of July. The majority of the day was spent on an airplane flying back from UT, but when we got home we had a wonderful dinner over at Kiki's. And then a few fireworks! Jansen was pretty cautious of makes me laugh because for those of you that don't know, I was deathly afraid of fireworks when I was a kid. I was sure they would start a fire somewhere and cause mass casualties. I especially love the look of concern on Jansen's face in the last picture. One more random bit of Jansen news: he keeps asking to go on an airplane. Several times when we have been leaving in the car he gets upset because he wants to go on an airplane. It's so cute. Hopefully this will make our future travels easier!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

This Just In...

So guess who lives in our new neighborhood??? My beloved Canada Geese. And one just bit me. Nate and I took bowls of ice cream across the street to sit on a bench and enjoy the sunset when we were ambushed by a whole flock of them. Only these ones are braver than the ones at our apartment. They walk RIGHT UP TO YOU and bite your hand or in Nate's case, your shorts. I was wearing some pants that have a drawstring and Nate informed me that I should probably tuck the drawstring in when I am around them...they might think they are worms. Awesome. It was not a malicious bite, he just wanted some food, but it was disgusting nonetheless. I'm sure this will not be my last post about the geese.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


It's been a few weeks since we were in Boise, but I wanted to post some pictures because it was such a great weekend. We were celebrating Nate's grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. Nate's grandpa was an Air Force colonel and is one of the main reasons Nate joined the Air Force. They've moved 35 times in their marriage...oh boy am I in for an adventure. The picture below is Nate's mom decorating the cake she made for the anniversary party.

This is Nate's sister (Emily) and her husband (Donnie) and their little girl Kaeley.

50 years together!

Jansen and what is believed to be his second cousin, Sydney. We've had a few debates about the proper term for their relation.

Jansen and Kyle shootin' the breeze.

Moving and Pregnancy

Why do we do this to ourselves? I have discovered that moving is a lot like pregnancy. While you are in the middle of it all you swear that you will never, NEVER, do it again. And then time passes. Slowly you forget. And in only a year or so you have forgotten so much that you decide to do it again. And then, only after the decision has been made and is irreversible, the memories and reality of it come flooding back. Aaaaahhhh! I think I am grateful for this forgetfulness though...considering we ARE an Air Force family and that we do want to have more than two children.
I did have my most uncomfortable night of pregnancy last night, but to be honest things have been going really, really well and I feel really good. And I couldn't be more excited about this little baby. How could I not be excited when the kid I already have turned out so cute and fun??? I had an appointment with the doctor this morning and everything looked great. I am also going to go on a tour of the OSU hospital where I will be delivering pretty soon.
As for moving, we are thrilled about that too. It is so humid here, but luckily Nate likes the humidity (yes, you heard me right). And he has worked so hard today filling up the Stanza (thanks again Carrie and Andy!) and making trip after trip to the house. Tomorrow we will move the big stuff and hopefully sleep there. Wish us luck!