Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Great Toy

One day I was wandering through Toys R Us...before I had three kids and meandering through a store was more than a distant dream...and I came across these blocks that were clearanced for $15. I grabbed them for Jansen for his birthday. I knew I had found something good, and the kids have loved them. Here's what Jansen did with them today:

They've made train tracks, dog houses, police stations, and other unidentifiable creations. I love finding a great toy that keeps them busy and keeps their imaginations sharp. Anyway, just thought I would share because it's always nice to hear about toys that have been a success with the kids.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How It's Going

My first night home I felt like the walls were closing in on me. I felt a little trapped. I had no idea what the night would hold (I didn't end up laying down to "sleep" until 2:30 am). I have felt that way with every baby...and night time always seems to bring a foreboding feeling.

Things have really improved from that first night though. There is still no semblance of real normal sleep, but I don't spend my nights pacing with her while she screams or long we avoid that I can handle this!

Here's how everything else is going:

MY BODY: I feel so good and I am so thankful. From about the time I got home from the hospital I haven't had pain or discomfort "down there." How that can be after giving birth to a human being I don't know. I am WAY stretched out (we're talking about my stomach), bleeding, and sleep deprived, but other than that I feel pretty darn great. Hating that weird stage where maternity clothes are too big, but my old clothes do NOT look flattering on me. PJs anyone?

NURSING: I don't love breastfeeding. But this has been the easiest one by far. I feel like I have to hold my breath as I state all these things because they can change in a blink. As of now, Emmy is doing great and it's not bad at all. I don't nurse around others though and I haven't had to deal with that aspect yet.

CRYING: The past 24 hours she has been an angel. We have had some fussy evenings that have really thrown us for a loop and scared the socks off us that we had created another crying monster, but it looks like it was just a typical fussy time.
MORNINGS: Definitely the most hectic part of the day. Just try my best to time it right and get all four of us out the door around 8 to take Jansen to school.

DINNER: Just surviving on pancakes, spaghetti, breakfast foods, and what not.

BEDTIME: If Nate's not home, this is pretty crazy as well. I guess you just try and start early and hopefully every gets to bed at some point.

I know there's more to report, but it's not coming to me at the moment and there's just not time in the day right now to sit and ponder at the computer!

Sleeping like a baby:

You know, the kids have been great. It's chaotic and difficult to meet all their needs and wants, but they have handled this wonderfully. They don't poke or bother Emmy, still don't even show much interest, but at this point that has been exactly what we need. They are finding things to do. Poor Natalie...I have failed her in the girly department. She comes out of her room looking like this and asking me if she looks like a princess or if she is pretty.
Thank goodness for Legos. This is a little soccer player...Jansen built it from some instructions found in his Lego magazine.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emmy Girl

 Each day it becomes more clear to me how precious little infants are. I am so blessed to be allowed to love and take care of this one.

Thank you Melynda for the picture!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Show Me Some Love Sister

While my mom and sister were here, the kids could not have cared less about having a new little one at home. They didn't want to hold her, weren't curious about her, didn't appear to be jealous, etc. I think they were having too much fun with family visiting.

Not long after they left on Monday Natalie started showing some interest and it was downright adorable. She read Emmy a book:
Showed her some toys:
And I caught this precious picture of Natalie just soaking it all in (with love I might add):
I'm so happy they have each other.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Details of the delivery...

Ok, this is Nate.  Just wanted to provide details on the delivery for those interested.  And before I go any further, we can't thank our friends and family enough for helping us out, especially Ben and Kiki who were so nice to watch our kids overnight for us, and Becca and Lexi for driving down here from Orem on a moment's notice and are here helping right now!!  So many of you have offered to help in any way possible, so we just want you to know we appreciate it. 

To say it briefly, everything went about as PERFECTLY as possible.  The timing of everything couldn't have been PLANNED better. Except the fact that this all happened on the same day I was supposed to leave on a campout with my Scouts, but that's beside the point. :)  She had an appointment in the afternoon and was dilated to 5 cm, 75% effaced and with a bulging bag, but contractions were still weak and sporadic.  So her doctor stripped her membranes and did a really thorough job at it.  That put her into labor immediately with Natalie, and we were not disappointed this time either.  For all the people who say stripping membranes doesn't work, seems to me like if it's done well it WORKS.  But maybe it's just JESSICA that works.  Anyways, here's the timeline:

2:30pm:  Non-stress test was unreactive for 38 minutes, until the VERY end she had a couple heart rate accelerations (basically, we were worried the baby wasn't doing too well until she perked up)
4:30pm:  Dilated to 5 cm, membranes stripped, contractions start getting close together
5:30pm:  dinner and packing bags
6:30pm:  Admitted to L&D, dilated to 6 cm
7:30pm:  Dilated to 7 cm, started on Pitocin for augmentation of labor
8:30pm:  Epidural started
10:45pm:  Started pushing
10:52pm:  Baby born!!  Apgars 7 (1 min) and 9 (5 min)  Needed blowby oxygen for a few minutes, but pinked right up and did very well after that.  Weighed 3388 g (7 lbs, 7.5 oz)  Jessica was a champ.  Pushed very effectively.  No lacerations either (maybe that's more than you wanted to know...)

Jessica and Emmy were discharged from the hospital less than 24 hrs later, at approx 5 pm.  As of right now, Emmy is quiet and happy 90% of the time, half of which is sleeping. She cries about 10% of the time, not nearly as bad as Jansen or Natalie.... so far......

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our 2010 Model (Baby's Here!)

With a few slight variations from our 2005 (Jansen) and 2007 (Natalie) designs, we present our 2010 model:

Emmy Alexis Nye
Launched September 17, 2010 at about 10:52 pm
Weight is 7 lbs 7 oz

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can't Forget About the Party

What on earth were we thinking?
All three of our children's birthdays are going to be within a 30 day spread.
I will be one worn out momma come the end of September every year.
Getting to the point...we had a birthday party for Jansen and it went great. Glad it's over, simply so I don't have to think about it anymore, but he loved it.

It was a construction themed party...Jansen didn't really have a choice in the matter. I found the yellow hard hats in the early summer and made the decision for him. Here's the cake:
We had brown bag know, just like construction workers. Of course pretty much just the Cheetos and Hi-C got eaten.
Just a TEENY bit of excitement going on here:
And featuring a brave dad...
I totally miscalculated how much I had put in the pinata, and each kid went home with a load of junk and treats. I think my relationship with their mothers has been affected.
As for our third September birthday...I'm thinking I might be induced next week. Which kind of freaks me out. I'll let you know what we decide.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nate. Dad.

Just want the world to know we love him!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear Truck

It's nice to meet you.
My husband has wanted you for a long, long time. At last he has you.
I'm just thankful that both cars have air conditioning now.
You do know that you will be transporting many many scouts and moving many many things right?
It's too late to back out now.
But we'll take good care of you.
Well, I can't make any promises about what goes on in the back seat.
I think this is the beginning of some fun adventures with you. Safe, fun adventures that is.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Can Take a Hint

I think my children are trying to tell me something.
We need more dress up clothes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Also Headed to School

Sometimes she says and does things that seem way too advanced for her age...
But most times she still loves her sippy cups, rips out pieces of books, throws tantrums, sucks her thumb, and needs her blankie.

I guess she's ready for preschool???
There is a wonderful, sweet girl just a street over from us that does a preschool in her home, so Natalie will be going there 2 times a week. She has been excited about it from the time she found out she would be going. Here are some pictures from her first day:
There's a little bit of goofball weaved into this child...

Should we act like we don't know where she gets it? Or can I just take the credit I deserve?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gimmee Five

So many moms talk about how their babies are growing too fast and they want them to stay little forever. That was not the case with me when I had Jansen. He was so fussy and so colicky that each day felt like an eternity to me, and I counted down the hours till he would grow up. He was a very difficult baby until about 10 months...and now of course I'm in disbelief that 5 years have passed.

Happy Birthday Jansen! You were worth every sleepless night, every book I read about babies, every tear, every moment I wanted to quit. The little guy you have turned into has far surpassed my every hope. How we adore you!

About a year old...not long after we moved to Ohio
2 years old...about the time Natalie was born
3 years old...starting preschool
4 years old
Not quite five, but a darling picture nonetheless!

Some things for us to remember:

1. What is your favorite TV show? Dinosaur Train
2.What is one thing you like about yourself? Cause I'm 5 years old

3. What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? Cantaloupe

4.What is your favorite color? White

5. What is the best part about going to church? Sacrament meeting (this surprised me so I asked why and he said, "Because I love you guys and that's the only part I get to be with you.")

6. What makes you happy? When you hug me

7. Favorite scripture story? Alma

8. What is hard for you? Lifting 20,000 boxes with 600 books in each box

9. What is easy for you? Lifting 2 boxes with 5 books in each box

10. Who do you like to be with? Aiden and Dad

11. Favorite thing to do with mom? go to the store

12. With dad? Birdwatching and hiking

13. What makes you scared? Monsters

14.  What do other kids think about you? They think about me coming over

15. What is your favorite song? I Am a Child of God

16. Hardest thing about being your age? Learning how to lift up 20 boxes with 20 books in them

17. What do you like best about mommy? How I love you

18. Daddy? Playing with him

19. What is your favorite school subject? Drawing

20 What is your favorite game on the computer?

21. How do you feel when you have to do chores around the house? Hard, but I can do it

22. What do you like best about your teacher? Her name and that I remember it by now

23. What is your favorite movie? I Love Toy Trains

24. When do you think your bed time should be? 8:30

25. What do you like to do in your free time? Play with Natalie

26. What do you want to be when you grow up? Construction worker and train engineer

27. What is one thing you would change about yourself? Turning a different age

28. What makes mommy happy? Cooperating

29. If you had lots of money, what would you do with it? Buy a Lego set

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to Have a Great Weekend

Here's a great way to ensure you have a fun weekend:

Hang out with Uncle Cameron...
Hang out with Uncle Cameron AND his sweet wife Athena...
Toss in some Christian and Julie...
Then add a little Kyle and Brooklyn to the mix...
Take pictures...
Find something silly and simple to laugh about...
Make all the boys hold still for a picture...
Deceive them all with looks of innocence...
Say goodbye knowing you'll see each other soon...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kindergarteners Are Funny

I asked Jansen today if he met anyone new at school or has any friends I don't know. He shared with me that there is a girl named Alicia. Then he said, "It will take a long time for Alicia to be my best friend. It takes a lot of love."

And then this tonight at dinner. Nate and I were talking about money and Jansen chimed in, "DAD! You make money?! I didn't know I had a dad who makes money!"