Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Minute Saturday Outing

Before I post some pictures of our quick trip to the Valley of Fire last Satuday...

Do you ever feel like your head is just absolutely SWIMMING with to do lists, wants, needs, obligations, ideas, etc etc! I swear, it's non stop. I always feel pulled in so many directions. Here are a FEW places my mind was pulled to today: I should read order/read books about discipling/teaching my kids, online shopping for swimsuit, Relief Scoiety calling stuff, what to have for dinner, pay bills, put away laundry, just pick up around the house, reschedule appointments, Father's Day, birthdays, kindergarten registration, blog, study scriptures, etc. It's just a sampling I tell you. Aaaahhhhhh! Life goes on I guess and we seem to be doing alright.
Definitely have to make time for stuff like this though:
I think I could almost count that day as exercise. Yes!
I just think the blue skies against the red rock is so incredible.
The kids had the hardest time not stopping at every place like this. They loved finding a little spot just for them.
Well, time to go decide what swimming thought to reel in and work on.


Melinda said...

That's where those tattered lists at the bottom of your purse come in. Write it all down so it stops swimming, then it will just naturally find its way to getting lost along with the crumbs and hair elastics in the VERY bottom of the purse.

Annie said...

This is why I don't make lists my friend. Aw, who are we kidding I just lay awake at night thinking about all this stuff instead. Maybe list making would help me sleep better.

Tina said...

I hear ya!! Right now there are so many things on my "to do" list that I sometimes get so overwhelmed that I do nothing but watch reruns of Lost!! I'm definitely a list maker and I swear by them. It helps me accomplish things faster when I can see them crossed off afterwards.

I can't believe Jansen will be in kindergarten. He barely makes the cutoff doesn't he?
We are very excited in our household for school to start. I'm sure you guys are too.

Kendra said...

Isn't it beautiful there! I just love it. We need to go back again! Glad you could go!