Monday, June 21, 2010

The Kind of Dad

To be honest, when I married Nate I wasn't sure exactly what kind of dad he would be. Oh, I knew he would be a wonderful one...I just wasn't sure what his little daddy specialties would be and all the ins and outs of it. He has far exceeded my dreams and expectations.
I ran across this picture while looking for one of him to put in this post and it could not be more perfect. THIS is the kind of dad he is. Who knows what he is showing the kids. It's probably a bird, but it could also be a jet, a cloud formation, a butterfly, etc.
He's also the kind of dad that has a sore arm after a hike/walk because he helps Natalie "fly" so much.

He's the kind of dad that always ends up putting the kids to bed late because they read one more book or he drew them one more picture.

He's the kind of dad that has taught his children what a Western Tanager is.

He's the kind of dad that smiles happily at me when Natalie asks him to rock her instead of me.

He's the kind of dad I could go on and on about.

Happy Father's Day to Nate...and also to the wonderful fathers that are a part of our life and make it a blessed one!


J & M Squared said...

Nate is wonderful!

Heather said...

I agree. I have always admired the kind of dad Nate is. Keep up the good work in residency!

Anonymous said...

You are both exceptional parents. That makes me exceptionally happy! Mom.

Monica said...

I agree with your mom. You are both exceptional parents! Who took that awesome picture by the way? (JUST kidding)

kiki comin said...


Kyle and Janel said...

You have such a cute family! hope all is great in sunny Las Vegas!

Annie said...

Thanks Nate for making the rest of the dads look bad. I hope that makes you feel good. You and all your "quality time" with you kids.