Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Was Hoping It Would Be Like This!

I am loving that Las Vegas attracts so many visitors for one reason or another. My little heart was so happy when my cousin Angie called on Friday morning and said they were in St. George and wanted to stop by that afternoon. We bowled the night away (my kids' first time) and then enjoyed dinner together. Her older girls were so helpful with Jansen and Natalie and I love how well the kids get along even though they rarely see each other.

That's Shane on the right. We pretty much owe him everything...he set us up on our blind date way back when.

Such delightful company these two are:
Bowling's not just about knocking down pins. It's about filling up your shirt with air. But you knew that.
Hey everyone, keep the visits comin'!


Heather said...

wish I could visit. We miss you already. Enjoy your guests!

kiki comin said...

that must be SO nice having family live close enough for a somewhat drop-in visit. that first pic of all the kids is so cute.

Kendra said...

I wish I could have seen you when I came down last weekend, but I was with a bunch of friends that wanted to shop til we dropped, and I did. I should have invited you to come with. We need to come down and see you guys, that would be fun!

Annie said...

I'm so glad you have so much family to keep you company. Can't wait until the day that I get to be a visitor.

Gazdik Family said...

Some day....we will be on your blog under the same caption!! And can't believe that we had to be out of town when you came down here!!

Shane's Angie said...

Oh that was a magical evening wasn't it? My kids are still talking about Jansy Pants and little Nat! I can't wait to get back down there!