Monday, June 14, 2010

All Done!

With medical school!
And I am so stinkin' proud of him.
Nate and I (yep, no kids) went back to Columbus a week and a half ago for Nate's graduation from medical school. It was really a special thing to be a part of. Nate was given an award from the Family Medicine Department "in recognition of the student whose dedication to Family Medicine, Family Medicine Research, and the teaching of Family Medicine exemplifies the pivotal role of Family Medicine in the future." What they don't know is that he also took exceptional care of his wife, worked for almost two years while in medical school, served in numerous ways at church, and gave first priority to his kids, family, and friends. Now THAT deserves an award.
So happy to be on this journey with him...
We were so grateful to have the support of his family. I bet it is a wonderful feeling as a parent to see one of your children accomplish something like this.

We had some time to enjoy a few of our favorite places while we were visiting.
And I got to steal a night with some of my favorite people! We try to drag out these nights as long as possible with dinner, a movie, and a treat, but the evening always FLIES by. So typical.
Finally made it to the Columbus Museum of Art.
And a parting shot of some amazing Chihuly work:


Annie said...

It was so great to have you back. I just wish it could have been longer or maybe that you should just move back.

Melanie Hoopes said...

what an accomplishment! congrats!

Bethany said...

Congratulations, you guys. Seriously, what an amazing accomplishment. I can see it in both of your faces--the joy of having made it through all of the difficulties! :) Way to go!

Ryan said...

Me too! Congratulations guys. It's nice to be on the back end of a time like that, isn't it? We're happy for you!

I think Jessica alludes to a great thing... I'm sure no one knows the extra time, effort and energy Nate put in above and beyond his classmates. Good job bud.

Tina said...

WOW!! What a journey! I'm glad you survived and had a wonderful husband by your side that didn't forget about his highest priorities. You are one lucky girl Jess!!
How fun to "get away" for a little bit, see old friends and spend time one on one with your hubby! It looked like fun!!

kiki comin said...

yay. congrats, nate..AND jess. that is one tough, long journey!