Thursday, August 6, 2009


Everyday I get to battle this one after each meal to try and clean her hands and face before she makes a mad dash for the couch or other used-t0-be-clean object in the living room. It's like a game. She decides she's done eating, rips off her bib, and makes a run for it before I can snag/tackle her.

Everyday I get to see a "dog show." I am instructed to sit on the stairs and watch and clap for the performing dog.
Everyday I try to think of new ideas to get the kids excited about going upstairs for bathtime. Thankfully we got this cool boat from Grandma Kim in the mail today and it was a hit in the tub.
Everyday she is a stinker. Let me tell you why she has those tight curls around her face. She threw a huge tantrum and when she does she gets really hot and sweaty and it made those little curls just spring right up because of her hot, wet face. They did not look like that before the screaming/crying fit. Hey, a girls gotta have her curls right?


Annie said...

I love the mad dash to the couch. You are getting pretty quick on your feet though I must tell you. And that Natalie knows what it takes to look beautiful. Julia crawled around all night tonight with a ball in her mouth. Thanks Jansen.

kiki comin said...

hahaha...i am SOOO happy you are going through the dog phase...remember when i kept telling you i had to play fetch with lincoln for hours on end. so happy for you.:)

Heather said...

Love this post. You're gonna love looking back at the everyday. Shannon does the same thing about ripping the bib off and taking off. I'm happy T is over the dog phase, but you can actually get them to obey more than usual if they go to doggie obedience school.

Kent and Leisy said...

that boat is HUGE. is it inflatable? maybe we need something like that. I don't bathe my kids nearly as often as I should!!

Jan said...

It's gotta be the age. My Brigham is a stinker right now. Love him, but he is.