Monday, August 31, 2009

Her Birthday

We had a great day on Natalie's birthday. It was also accompanied by that ever present mommy guilt of whether or not I was making the day special enough for her. I don't ever want to go overboard, but I want my kids to have great memories of their birthdays and to have fun traditions. I finally decided on at least two traditions...a new book each birthday and a new special plate to eat meals on that day.
After opening some presents, we spent the morning at World of Bounce, one of those inflatable play places. Jansen just LOVES it was really for him that we went.

I just melt when I see her playing pretend with her new dollhouse.

Sunday we had cake and ice cream...mmm, minutes ago I snuck a couple bites of the leftover cake. Now we're looking forward to Jansen's birthday this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of her with her doll house. Makes me wish I had saved your little animal doll house

Lindsey said...

She is so cute. I am jealous of all the hair she has.

The Nye's said...

How FUN! Only 9 more days!!

David and Kristi Gailey said...

I hope she had a great birthday! I can't believe our babies are two!

Gazdik Family said...

She is do dang cute!!
Love that picture of her with the cake.

megandjon said...

happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!!!

i'm excited to see you guys soon!