Saturday, August 29, 2009

A 2 Year Old in Our Midst

I feel like I am being reminded more and more of how short and fleeting this time is that I get to have my little ones all to myself for most of the day. Creeping around the corner is kindergarten, elementary school, junior high...and so although I am already thinking about her turning 3 and hoping that it magically squelches her tantrums, I am mostly looking forward to spending time with her as a fun, energetic, hilarious, and adorable 2 year old.

Some things to remember about her:
Natalie has a soft, pink blanket that she used to call her "mank" and is now calling it her blanket. It is her comfort and love. She often asks me to "make her a place" which means spread it out on the carpet so she can lay on it. She likes cuddle time and is in her happy place when I am holding her, her thumb is in her mouth, blanket is smooshed against her face, and she is humming contentedly.

She loves to burst out spontaneous renditions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

For some reason she is always yelling, "Stop mom! Stop!" when I am driving. It is often followed by, "I tell you something."

Also in the car: when she has finished drinking her sippy cup she says, "1, 2, 3, GO!" and then hurls it towards the front of the car. I know this sounds a little crazy but I think it's funny.

She is great at going to sleep. We read books and then she climbs happily in bed with her animals, blanket, and water. Sleeping through the night on the other hand is STILL an issue.

She absolutely loves being read to.

Lately she doesn't want to get in her carseat unless she has a fresh diaper on. If it's not a new one, she arches her back and yells, "I poopy mom! I poopy!"

She likes going down the stairs on her stomach, headfirst. I do not like this.

She loves Clifford, Blue's Clues, Elmo, etc.

She knows many of the letters of the alphabet and most of her colors.

She asks me, "Watch a show mom?" many times a day.

I have shared this many times on the blog, but she is a very messy eater. This is how she eats burritos: unroll it, lay in flat on the table, smashes her face into it until her forehead is against the table, and slurps.
Her favorite foods are milk, strawberries, burritos, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, and pasta.
She's not big on breakfast...I have to really convince her to come and eat something. If she is hungry she goes to the fridge and says, "Want something else mom."

She is emotional and throws herself to the floor if things don't go her way..."hold you mama" are her favorite words when she is upset.

I am usually greeted with a "meow" and a lick on the arm when I go get her out of bed in the morning.

She loves to sit in the bathroom with her milk and a pile of books while I shower.

She HATES having her hair washed.

She will currently only wear her Wal-Mart crocs...even to church. It really bothers me. I don't know how we are going to transition to the next pair of shoes.

She still loves dogs and says, "Pet him?" whenever we see one.

She is such a blessing to have around. Nate and I are constantly looking at each other and smiling or laughing because of her. I just couldn't love a little person more.


Lindsey said...

That was so fun to read about her. I wish I could know her in person. She sounds really smart too! Someday we can have all our kids get together.

Lindsey and Nate said...

Hey Jess I didn't know you were pregnant! I guess I don't check up on my friends blogs very often as you can tell mine needs to be updated badly! Hope you are feeling good. Linds

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! She cracks me up. I love her little personality and I can't believe she's two. Such a sweet little girl.

Monica said...

I just love her. I really do. Such a cute, sweet, and spunky little personality. Hope that she had a great birthday!

kiki comin said...

what a sweet little lady...hope she had a great day!

megandjon said...

dang it jess! you're always making me a little teary. stop it!

J & M Squared said...

I love you Natalie! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

The Nye's said...

Happy Birthday Natty Baby! Oh my gosh...her eyes are so gorgeous!! I cannot wait to get our two trouble makers together. It will be interesting to see how their little personalities handle each other. We are counting down the days!!!

Traci said...

Its been two years already, I started reading your blog when she was born, Carrie told me if I wanted to see a picture of your new baby to check out your blog and here I am still checking out your blog, I love it. Your kids are so cute and its so fun to be able to get to know them thru your eyes!!

Melinda said...

What a cute, funny girl. I wish she would talk to me when I see her because I would love to hear those things in person. :) Happy Birthday Natalie!

Shane's Angie said...

What a very smart mama to write down all those funny and precious things! I need to remember to do that...the time flies by so fast and you forget so much!
Can I just tell you, Evie was obsessed with her Walmart Crocs too! It is incredibly difficult to find dresses that don't look absolutely ridiculous with crocs! But, she usually ditches her shoes 3 minutes into Sacrament Meeting anyway! Anyway, the good news is, that stage is over and now she is more willing to wear the correct shoes...except she now only wants to wear things with an E-yah on them. *sigh*