Thursday, July 20, 2017


The elementary school does a very nice Veteran's Day assembly every year. Many veterans are in attendance as San Antonio is such a big military city. This year it was especially meaningful since Nate was deployed and Natalie sang armed forces songs with her choir. As I walked to my car after the assembly a neighbor saw me and gave me a supportive hug which made me burst into tears. 

We are sure proud of, grateful for, and in love with our veteran!

Lexi and her kids came in November and sure brightened up life for us. We adore Addi and Gregory.

Some weeks at church were particularly hard.

Lunchtime with her bestie Adison

Emmy's turkey project that I could have easily picked out from the entire class. It's just so "Emmy."

Natalie has played on the same i9 soccer team for a few seasons and has really grown to love her teammates and coach.

 We had to say goodbye to our wonderful friends the Dunlaps this month.

Emmy's Christmas wishlist

We had the teensiest bit of frost in November.

Natalie got her ears pierced. The plan was for Emmy to get hers pierced as well, but she backed out at the last minute.

Holidays puzzles were difficult with Leah around.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with a family in our ward. It wasn't a great day since Nate was gone and we had no family in town, but we survived and there are much worse things. I spent a lot of time reflecting on the people who spend holidays like this alone EVERY year for whatever reason. 

I got the kids their own little tree for the space at the top of the stairs. It was a colorful little thing.

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