Thursday, July 20, 2017


I stopped blogging after Nate left on his deployment. I hadn't intended to, but obviously my free time and my energy were on short supply during those months, and this was something I just couldn't find time for. Recording our life in this way is extremely important to me, so although we are already almost half way into May, I am beginning my attempt to catch up. I hope I haven't forgotten too much.

Our Saturdays were early morning flag football games and afternoon soccer. I didn't mind that (except the really early football games) because it broke up what could often be the longest day of the week. 

Natalie began her orthodontic journey with an expander. She was a real trooper - I would not have wanted that at the roof of my mouth. I had to use a small tool to turn it every morning and night.

Always the messy artist - I just recently put that highchair in the garage. We used that highchair (given to us by my Aunt Robin when I had Jansen) for all four of our kids. It was the most simple and I'm sure inexpensive highchair out there, and I loved it. It was so light and easy to carry and easy to clean. I used to haul it upstairs when we lived in Ohio and would put Jansen in it while I showered. It's funny how "connected" you become to certain things that have been with you through the years.

Permanent marker finger nail painting

Jansen has a real eye and ability to create 3D objects using perler beads. He designed and created all of these.

Leah loves to play hide and seek. 

Leah is really spooked by the "face" she sees in our dresser. It's the two big brown eyes and small nose turned sideways. She seems to notice and pick out things like that a lot. She gets creeped out by things that don't look quite right to her.

Leah's playgroup friends (Emree, Cooper, and Wes) painting the house with water.

Nate was able to send me pictures during his deployment, so they will be sprinkled throughout my blog posts. As you can see, everything was brown, brown, brown.

Emmy was able to dunk a teacher at the Howl a thon night.

Visitors were my lifeline while Nate was gone. It helped immensely to have something to look forward. My mom came not long after Nate left to help give us a boost as we started the long months apart. We visited a beautiful cathedral with her one afternoon.

She got to see one of Jansen's football games. 

The day the hammock broke - hahahaha.

Leah attended a birthday party (for Evie) and loved learning all things princess.

Jansen was invited over to the Hunter's for family night and taught them how to fold good paper airplanes.

I took this picture to remember how very upset Emmy was when we decided these stinky old shoes needed to be thrown away.

I could do without all the dress up days that schools have now. Sure they are fun, but the juice isn't worth the squeeze for me. But we do it when we can, and Natalie loved dressing up as Mr. Popper.

I was thanking my lucky stars that Leah actually wore this costume. Looking at this picture reminded me that I am all about purchasing Halloween costumes. I admire people who plan months ahead and hit up every thrift store in the city to make the perfect costume come together. I could learn a thing or two from them, but in the end, I just want to have something delivered to my door.

Kim's visit during Nate's deployment was just wonderful. I feel like we had some wonderful days together. It was really a treat to have her here for Halloween. 

The Guenther House

Old Town Helotes

The Riverwalk

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