Sunday, July 23, 2017


There are pictures from Nate's deployment peppered throughout these posts. Maybe someday he can go back and include some text and explanations, but I wanted to make sure and include at least the pictures as part of our family stories.

Leah asks for a bell pepper almost every time we go to the store. She does not like to eat them. I think she just likes the way they look and I believe they were on a Daniel Tiger episode once.

Christmas choir concert

Leah brings all sorts of things with her in the car. I think she learns it from her sisters.

Natalie dressed up as Lizzie Johnson from Texas state history

Holiday party at the Hunter's

Emmy's Christmas class party

Oh how we loved this visit from Mom and Mike. They are so easy to have around and so much fun.

San Antonio Aquarium

Letters from Nate

A visit to the Alamo, downtown, and the Riverwalk

Swimming at the hotel

Early afternoon on Christmas Eve at the Knight's

Notes for Santa

Christmas Eve pajamas

The day we brought Oreo home :)

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