Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wrapping Things Up

We are wrapping things up here in Maryland. I remember so well a year ago when we arrived and had to find a babysitter after having only lived here a week. We needed to attend a banquet to say goodbye to the fellows finishing up their year and to welcome the new ones. Luckily we found one of the young women at church and continued to use her throughout our year here. I remember it was raining SO hard that evening, and I was nervous to leave the kids, especially in a crazy rain storm.

Here we are a year later, and now we are the ones leaving. The banquet was at Maggiano's again, and this time we had a baby in tow. Nate was so good about helping out with her while we were there. She behaved pretty well for the first half of it, and was naughty for the last half.

These are the fellows from this year. 

In some ways this is the "end" of Nate's training and schooling that has gone on for 12 years post high school. It has been hard. He has been very busy every one of those years. And yet life has been so so good every one of those years! And it's a good thing I have seen that we can be happy under those circumstances because I have a feeling his career will never be one that consists of 40 hour work weeks. Probably far from it. He has some big responsibilities and expectations awaiting him in San Antonio, but I know he will excel there. 

Jansen attended Cub scout day camp last week. He came home the first day and had NOTHING good to say about it. He even described it as "pure torture" at one point. I think he was hungry and tired. We convinced him (surprisingly) to keep going, and he had a great week, although he still didn't love it. He's such a funny kid. 

I was so worried about going through a pregnancy and delivery in Maryland. I was anxious about finding babysitters when I had appointments and wait times in the office and the driving, etc. All of those things ended up not being an issue and I had the best care I've had so far during pregnancy. Dr. Stephens was an incredible doctor, and he had a way of making me feel like he cared and was listening at every appointment. This was at Leah's 2 month check up. She is in the 97th percentile for weight! 

I am getting all our dentist appointments out of the way before we move. This was Emmy's first time, and the dentist said her teeth were "absolutely beautiful."

We went blueberry picking with friends last week and had a great time. Fresh blueberries are so delicious!

We had our family pictures taken last week. It is so painful to pick out clothes for everyone, get them ready, and convince them to smile, but we really wanted some family pictures in Maryland.

Saturday night we met up with the McCoys and Eric (friends from Nellis Family Med residency) at the National Arboretum. It was hot, but we had a lot of fun. We had dinner together at Olive Garden that night and I was reminded just how much I love breadsticks and pasta.

I will sure miss this beautiful temple! It is such a breathtaking sight from the freeway.

We blessed Leah this past Sunday. She was crying at the beginning, but then she was quiet for the rest of the blessing. Nate did a wonderful job.

Ever so slowly we are seeing improvements in Leah, but she is still really challenging us. We just keep taking it a day at a time. Nate often takes her on walks in the evening to calm her down and help her fall asleep. 

We are really busy tying up loose ends and preparing for the move. There are always so many things to do. We just keep trying to check things off our list and hopefully it all gets done before it's time to leave. 

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