Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Few Maryland Friends

This post has just a few of the faces of people we love and will miss in Maryland. 

April was so helpful with Leah on Sundays. I loved serving with her and Diana and Holly in the Primary presidency.

Bryce was the only other boy Jansen's age in the ward. I remember our first Sunday there April told me we were an answer to prayers since we had a boy her son's age. Bryce and Jansen were fast friends and had fun in and out of church.

Emmy just loved her Sunbeam teacher Sis. Irvine. Sis. Irvine stopped by our house the Saturday morning we were moving to see if she could help clean or anything. It was very kind of her. She always told me she couldn't say no to Emmy's big brown eyes.

Sis. McAllister was so friendly and sweet to my kids from day one. Our first week in MD she told me a sad story of losing a specific sort of stuffed monkey she used when she substitute taught. I found the exact kind she had lost on eBay and we got it and shipped it to her. It's a fun memory for me.

The Matsens were SO kind and hosted a little going away get together for us at their house.

Daniel and Jansen talked Minecraft nonstop when they were together. 

Cynthia and I visit taught Dao. All 3 of us had baby girls this year. We had lunch together at Cafe Rio the week before I left.

Holly brought donuts and Danishes to us one morning when the movers were coming. Anna has been my partner in DC adventures from the beginning. My kids love her kids, and they spent a lot of time together. 

Don and Joan lived across the street and were so kind to us. She would bring us jam or peaches and even watched Natalie for me one morning when I was in a pinch. They were like our substitute grandparents.

And the missionaries. We will sure miss them. The kids just loved the Elders and there were many games of tag and soccer played in our yard with them. They were always begging Elder Brimhall for candy and liked to call Elder Crandall Elder Cranberry.

I wish I had more pictures of the people who touched our life while we were there.
There were so many. It's amazing the great friendships you can make in just a year.

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Knudson Family said...

What a sweet post Jess. It's cool to think of all the neat people you meet everywhere!