Tuesday, July 22, 2014

4th of July

These three were soooo not happy about coming in the backyard and snapping a few pictures on the 4th of July. I mean, like, you'd think I'd asked them to gnaw their own arms off. We got a few that will have to do. If I'm going to go so far as to buy the girls 4th of July flip flops, gosh dang it we are going to take pictures.

Emmy was particularly ornery. :)

I love Jansen's hand on Leah's head and one holding her hand. See that little bit of hair that's longer than the rest at Jansen's forehead? It's just kind of how his hair sometimes lays if it's not brushed a little, but I don't like it and for some reason he feels very strongly about that little bit of longer looking hair. He does NOT want me to fix it. Our funny little compromise is that I get to snip one little bit of it every day. But I only get one snip. I'm slowly chipping away at it. 

I don't think Nate ever imagined he'd have three little girls. 

We had a very laid back but very fun holiday. Nate's cousin Marcie and her family came over and we had a little BBQ and watched the World Cup. Our families had never met, so it was great to get to know them. We wish we could have spent more time with them while we were in Maryland. Believe it or not, this is the best picture we could get of all us. I kind of like Jansen's finger in the photo (he was taking the picture). Gives it some personality, and makes him part of it! :)

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lexihb said...

I love the compromise you have about Jansen and his hair. One snip a day - no more, no less. You are such a patient mom!