Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I about 21.5 weeks along now. I had my official ultrasound at about 20 weeks, and yes, it's still a girl! School was cancelled for the kids that day, and Nate was still on winter break, so the whole family came down to Walter Reed with me to have it done. They tell you to drink water before the ultrasound, and I did, and by the end I was SO uncomfortable. I'm only halfway through this pregnancy, but I already feel like I am using the bathroom all the time and several times in the night.

We took home a few pictures of our little bug, and this has got to be my favorite. 

I basically wear the same few pairs of pants over and over. Just the ones that have some stretch to them. I'm not one that can wear all my pants through the whole pregnancy. Until now, all of my 3rd trimesters have been in the summer, so I don't really have maternity jeans. I need to find some that I like.

And a random bonus to this post...the kids filled out these spotlight sheets for Primary. It's always entertaining and interesting to read their answers.

Jansen's answers made Nate pretty happy since there was a little science in there, a little hiking, a little birdwatching.


Nathaniel Nye said...

That's right, me and Jansen gotta hold our ground with all these girls around and more coming!

Kami said...

Oh my! I love those Spotlight answers! And I love that the kids love animals and bird watching and that Jansen is in to atoms! Sheesh! You've got amazing kids.