Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Raingutter Regatta, Bounce House, and Other Things

 There was no school today because it was a professional day for the teachers. It would have been cancelled anyway since we got hit with lots of snow. No school tomorrow either...which means it's been a 5 day weekend for the kids!

This fellowship year has been interesting. In many ways, Nate has been gone A LOT. But on the other hand, he has holidays like MLK Day off, and since he was supposed to work at USUHS today and everything there was cancelled because of the weather, he also had today off. He still "worked" at least 8-9 hours today doing other things that needed to be done related to the fellowship, but it's so nice having him around. 

This week he and Jansen worked on Jansen's boat for the Scouts' raingutter regatta coming up. I can always tell when something means a lot to Jansen or he is proud of it or he really likes it because he will carry it everywhere around the house with him. That's what he's been doing with his boat.

Jansen and Natalie love to play Minecraft. They get some time on the tablet every day, and this is always what they choose to play.

The kids pooled their Christmas money from Grandma Kim and Papa Tim and got a bounce house. We did some rearranging in the basement, and it lives down there now. They really love it. Totally worth the money. Not only do they jump on it, they play pretend in it, read in it, etc.

I snapped this picture the other night to remind me of a crazy pregnant woman moment I had. I have been ultra sensitive to sudden, loud sounds during this pregnancy. My whole body seems to freak out for a minute or two when I'm surprised by one. Last night Nate got something out of the hope chest in our room and the lid slammed shut. I immediately just burst into tears because of the sound. I just sat on the bed crying and laughing at the same time at how ridiculous I am.

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Tina said...

A bounce house in your basement? How awesome is that? Very, very cool!!!