Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh Emmy

Blessed, blessed day. I think Emmy may be potty trained. It's been several days of no accidents, and she is telling us when she needs to go. She was not an easy one to potty train, and I honestly had my doubts this day would come. It's so hard to believe it will really happen when you are in the messy middle of it. I keep feeling this wave of relief at random times during the day when I realize this battle is pretty much over. 

I usually wrap Emmy up in this throw when we go out to pick up the kids from the bus stop. It's been so cold lately we've added the coat before the wrap up in order to survive out there for a few minutes.

All day long Emmy is taking clothes on and off. It's not that she likes to be naked, she always puts something back on, it's that she LOVES to dress up. She loves skirts. She is always talking about dancing. She also likes to come in the bathroom with me in the morning and tells me she needs to "make her hair." She likes to play around with make up as well. She got VERY excited about these new pink shoes she's wearing.

And she loves her big sister. They are 3 years apart, but they play pretty darn well together, and they are always laughing. Okay, or crying.

Naps are a thing of the past. We are working on having "quiet time" every afternoon instead of a nap, but she struggles with it. She comes in and out, in and out, and I am a bit of a softie this time around knowing how fast they grow up and how she likes to be with me. Today I told her we needed to go and clean her room together. She went in and half closed the door and said to me, "No mom, I can handle it."

The other night she took this Star Wars chapter book and insisted on looking it before going to bed so she could plan her dance party. Yeah, she's still in a crib. It works for us. She's going to be a great big sister, and she has already told me she is going to teach the baby all about how to dance. 

Just a funny picture from a trip to the park awhile ago... :)


Nathaniel Nye said...

Excellent blog post babe. I love how you spotlight each of the kids in a way that captures them at this age. Those will be treasures in the future. Emmy is such a nut! A cute nut, but definitely a nut.

Anonymous said...

So fun how different each child can be. I hope she dances! Hopefully she escaped my dancing or lack thereof gene. Cant to see what the new baby brings to the table. I love you sweet girl. Grandma share how to get free makeup on line!