Saturday, November 9, 2013

Soccer Saturday

 A week ago was Natalie's last soccer game. Their team name this year was the Scorpions, and she had a wonderful coach. I absolutely love watching her play. She only scored one goal this season (at her last game), but she is always a solid player on the field.

After Natalie's game we all went with Nate to an American University men's soccer game. One player dislocated his shoulder, and although I hated to see that happen, it was cool to see Nate in action as he treated the injured player and put his shoulder back into the socket.

The kids made Nate take them to the training room after the game in hopes of finding some treats there. 

We took a round about way home and drove through some beautiful Washington neighborhoods. It was difficult to take pictures from the car, so I didn't capture just how beautiful it really was, but you can still get the idea.

This was in Georgetown. 

I was honestly in shock today as I looked at the calendar and realized 9 days have passed since Halloween! I got some Thanksgiving decorations up a few days ago. I truly have much to be grateful for. 


Meggin said...

I just adore the DC area architecture. That colonial saltbox-style home you took a photo of? Sigh. Gorgeous.

kiki comin said...

i miss the fall colors. it is gorgeous back there!

Monica said...

It is absolutely gorgeous where you live! What neat experiences I am sure you are having being there. Also, amazing decor in your house. That rug is so darling. I love all of it

Kami said...

Wowzers! You are amazing at decorating. And I love all those pics... I remember thinking Georgetown was so cute and quaint.