Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Pregnancy

Nate and I are so excited to be expecting another baby. Emmy will be about 3 and 8 months when the baby is born (due May 24), and that's the biggest gap we've had between our kids so far. Figuring out the best time to have another child has been challenging this time around as we factor in moves, busy work schedules, future deployments, etc. I was definitely not ready to add another baby to the family any earlier than this...most days we are just trying to stay afloat with the 3 we have. I am still very nervous and feel inadequate to mother 4 kids, but we feel like this is the right time and that things will work out because they always do. We are very, very lucky that we are ABLE to have children, and often within the time frame we plan for.

This pregnancy has been similar to my others. I don't throw up, but I have a stomach ache ALL DAY. Kind of like the day after you have had the throw ups. I just feel crappy. I always want to sit, and my motivation and energy are not what they usually are. I feel like I waste a lot of time walking around the house trying to be productive, but not getting anything done because I don't feel well. I often feel like my stomach is in my throat. I am very picky about food. If I don't eat often, I get really sick, but nothing ever sounds good. Almost overnight foods that I usually love sound disgusting to me like dried mangoes and coconut chips and hot chocolate. I really love Rice Chex right now, and I eat a lot of cereal. Grapes and little mandarins are also some favorites right now. I am not tempted at all by the kids' Halloween candy, which is not like me AT ALL. I am having cravings. A certain food will come to mind and I just can't stop thinking about it. One morning I got Emmy in the car and we went and got breakfast at McDonald's because I wanted it SO bad, and it was the only thing I could imagine eating. I have done that numerous times with different foods. Last night at the grocery store it was hummus and pita chips. I practically ate the whole tub of hummus when I got home. Usually after the kids are in bed I am DONE for the day. I can't clean, I can't think...I just want to be in my bed. 

Nate brought home an ultrasound machine from work because he's supposed to practice on shoulders, knees, etc. We got to use it to take a look at the baby, and that was so awesome. 

I really, really don't like pregnancy pictures, but I know I will be glad someday to see these. This is me about 12 weeks. If I take a picture after a meal, my stomach pops out quite a bit. This one is not after a meal though.

When we found out we were pregnant with Emmy, Jansen was only 4. It's a whole different ball game with an 8 and 6 and 3 year old and I love it! They are so excited, and I think they are going to be a lot of help. This baby will have lots of entertainment.

I asked Jansen to tell how he's feeling about all this baby business:

I feel like a game of catch has been going on for a while and then I lose the ball. I can't say if I'm excited or if I'm just unprepared though ready. I'll not get bored much when this baby comes although Natalie, Emmy and I will also become partly unattentive to the outside. I'm starting to feel like the days with the baby are going to become very interesting.


Annie said...

Oh Jansen! I love him. And I love your cute tiny belly. I hope the dickies go away soon. Audrey and lily are three years and six months difference I actually have really liked that.

Monica said...

Awww.. I am soo excited for you to have another baby! Cute picture. You are so tiny! I too craved Mcdonalds in all of my pregnancies. Not sure why! When I am not pregnant, I never crave it. So weird what pregnancy does to you! Keep the pregnancy pics coming. You will be glad you did it. I never did that, and I regret it now!

Kami said...

Your belly is so teeny tiny. Loved this post. Hope your appetite goes back to normal soon. And oh how I love Jansen.

lexihb said...

Jansen is the best. You have such a cute little belly! Your inner mom is coming out, going to McDonalds for breakfast.

julie said...

As I was reading your post, I was thinking, "Wow, she really sums up my pregnancy perfectly. I should just copy your post and use it as a record of my own pregnancy." And then I saw your picture. You in skinny jeans! And I realized how different our pregnancies really are! About 2 weeks into my pregnancy I had to retire all my regular jeans in exchange for 2 sizes bigger and maternity jeans. Sigh.... :-) But I'm super excited for you!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Hahaha, seriously love Jansen, that kid cracks me up. And you aren't even showing! I was like 5 times your size by 12 weeks :) You're due on Ryan and I's Dad's birthdays (probably not correct grammar), hope your baby come right on time!

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh. My favourite part was Jansen's bit. That is incredibly intuitive and cute. I should ask my kids more questions about how they feel and have them write them down.

I loved reading about the pregnancy. I hope you continue to write updates throughout. With all 3 of my pregnancies, I craved sausage egg McMuffins. Had to have them.

Good luck!

Anne said...

Huge congratulations on the pregnancy!!! What a cute little ultrasound pic. Sometimes it's great being married to a doctor. Ok, most of the time it's great but it's especially great when you get perks like free ultrasounds. :)