Thursday, November 7, 2013

Exploring Washington DC

 Time just keeps marching on. We have been here for four months now! I panic sometimes because I don't feel like we have seen as much as I would have liked to by this time. It's very difficult to find time to sight see as a family. There are so many factors to consider: school, work, weather, traffic, etc. Last Friday afternoon I had just put Emmy down for a nap and was thumbing through one of our guides to DC. Nate was getting off early that day and walked in the door a few minutes later. I basically said, "We're leaving!" and we pulled Emmy out of her bed before she even fell asleep for her nap and we headed into DC as a family.

The weather was PERFECT. The parking was great. This is a beautiful place with many elegant buildings.

Some sights (this is the Treasury Department) as we made our way to see the White House:

We saw the back of the White House first. You can't get very close obviously, but it was fun to see the garden and the beehives they have.

The downfall of a beautifully sunny one can look at the camera...

Kind of a funny story. Jansen brought his book, and apparently while we were all looking at the White House he was distracted. After leaving, we started talking about the White House and he was furious that we had seen the White House and hadn't pointed it out to him. Of course, since we were there for 10 or 15 minutes we figured he had noticed the huge white building everyone was looking at and taking pictures of. I guess he just kind of spaced out while we were there. 

We walked a bit to show him the front of the White House, but he was still so mad. He wanted to see the back. 

After Jansen's mood improved a little, Nate jogged with him back to our original spot so Jansen could see it.
Jansen was thankful and happy about that, but Nate said once they got there Jansen had an "Oh I remember now!" moment. Sigh. Kids. You can see the Capitol in the distance in this picture. We loaded up and drove a little ways to be closer to the Lincoln Memorial.

That's the Lincoln Memorial up ahead.

I'm so glad we were able to visit this place.

***I just got a text from my sister. She brought something to my attention. We both want you all to ignore the man in the background adjusting his pants. Yes, that one. I said to ignore it!***

The Washington Monument is having some work done, so it looks a little different than it usually does.

We walked a short distance to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial next. Oh the names. There are just so many names. I reminded the kids that each name was a real person with a story and a family and a personality all his own. War is so sad. 

We decided to call it a day before our perfect afternoon could go sour for one reason or another. Because with kids, it's only a matter of time. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to live our country's capital.


lexihb said...

So many fun things to do there! It looks beautiful! I love the story of Jansen :)

Kent and Leisy said...

jess- you are such a natural with the camera! you have a great eye for perfect shots! love this post!

Jaime Lynne said...

I'm betting this year will be a short but memorable one in the history of the Nye family. And I think your new camera was worth every penny.

megandjon said...

so fun, i'm jealous! that story with jansen is hilarious. i love it. and yeah, these are gorgeous pics!

Kami said...

So fun! I love the pics of Nate and Emmy looking at the wall of names. And Jansen at the Lincoln Memorial reading his book. What a great day! So glad you were able to do that.

Monica said...

These pictures are beautiful!!!! Loved all of them!!! Great job!

Lindsey said...

Oh the details! You inspire me to blog more and include the details!