Monday, October 21, 2013

Birds, Squirrels, and Bikes

Fall in Maryland has been heavenly. It's been 3 years since we've been able to truly enjoy this season, and I have missed it. There have been a few projects going on in the backyard. When Steve and Jody were here we put up a few bird feeders, and it has been fun to have lots of birds coming and going.

They are hard to see, but there are a couple feeders near the ground and one suspended from the tree. We are pretty sure that deer come at night and knock the ones on the ground to make the seeds fall out. Those ones emptied VERY quickly. The one hanging from the tree has been very successful though. Jansen was making observations and recording them in a notebook in this picture.

Nate had the awesome idea of building a simple obstacle course for squirrels. I was so on board for this. He and the kids have made some good memories working on it. 

It's essentially just a long rope going from one tree to another with small obstacles along the way that the squirrels have to get past to reach the corn. We actually haven't had any success yet. Nate tweaked some things today, so we are hoping to wake up the lazy things so they can entertain us.

 The older kids had school on Columbus Day, but Nate didn't have to work in the morning. We jumped at the opportunity for a beautiful bike ride on the Rock Creek Trail with Emmy in tow. We have yet to experience winter here, but so far I have really enjoyed the weather in Maryland.

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