Friday, October 18, 2013

Birthday Boy

Nate was supposed to go to a military Tae Kwon Do tournament for 10 days, but because of the government shutdown, the trip got cancelled. I was genuinely sad for all those that had probably been looking forward to and training for the event, but I was SOOOOO happy he wouldn't be leaving. He would have been gone on his birthday. We celebrated his birthday a few days early when we still thought he would be making the trip.  

His actual birthday was on a Sunday, and I made him let me take some pictures.

He wanted steak for dinner. 

Sunday evening I suggested he go relax or read or something and I would put the kids to bed. In true Nate form he told me there was a missionary fireside he would like to attend. He changed his clothes, and off he went. Sometimes I joke with him that he isn't giving me enough opportunities to grow and learn...because he is so easy to live with. We have our hard days of course, but I am very lucky to be married to this man.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Nate! I read this post to Jason, and he said, "and that is why Nate is going straight to heaven!" I know I say this frequently, but we really do miss you guys a lot. I have been enjoying your blog posts. :)

lexihb said...

Did you get a new camera? Your pictures look awesome!

lexihb said...
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