Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hawaii Day 3

Our 3rd day in Hawaii we visited Waimea Canyon. It's sometimes called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and it's breathtaking. We were so sad when we got to the first lookout point because we couldn't see a single thing because of the clouds. We hiked along the trail hoping the clouds would pass.

This was one of the awesome views we had once the clouds passed. Minutes later the clouds would cover everything again. It was amazing to watch the clouds dissipate and open up to beautiful scenery every few minutes.

We had to get a picture with our awesome car that made every minute spent driving extremely enjoyable.

That afternoon we had a sunset dinner on a sailboat. We both agreed that this was probably our favorite thing we did in Hawaii, although it was VERY hard to pick one.

Our captain let us take the wheel for a minute. He and the crew were so friendly and fun to talk to.

I absolutely loved seeing dolphins.

Can you see the face of King Kong?

 Dinner was salad, steak, shrimp, and lots of delicious vegetables.

I was blown away by the color of the water. It was really this blue!

Thoughtful Jessica. Scheming a way to spend another week in Kauai.

And a beautiful sunset to top off the day. 


Anonymous said...

That looks like a selection of post cards! So beautiful.

Kami said...

Those pics are GORGEOUS! I love the photo of "thoughtful Jess." You need to make that your new profile pic on FB. Looks like another amazing day! Let's go back together some day on a girls' trip. Oh man! Just the thought of it.

Noelle said...

That car is awesome! I was just blogging about how you can't really see hawaii unless you rent a convertible. Ours wasn't as snazzy as yours though....BRIGHT red!!! We had more of a steel gray. I love that you guys took a sailboat through that coast. GORGEOUS! What a great memory!

Kent and Leisy said...

I love your farmer tans. so funny. and that all looks just so darn amazing!