Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hawaii Day 2

Oh Kauai, I love you. This was our view from our hotel room. Most mornings there was a rainbow. The inside of our room was actually a disappointment. It needed to be renovated, and for vacations we only do every 10 years or so, we wanted something nicer. We felt like the pictures we had seen online were misleading, so we complained and got moved to a bigger, renovated room. I was sooo grateful. 

It is such a treat to wake up whenever you want. We didn't ever sleep past like 7:30, but that's sleeping in to us! We had a quick breakfast Tuesday morning at a little place in Princeville. There were tons of wild roosters hanging around.

Our big plan for the day was to hike along the Na Pali Coast. This was an amazing day. I am just in love with all that green!

Someday I may add more detail to this post, but suffice it to say, it was BEAUTIFUL. The colors were unreal. 

This is where we stopped hiking. You can keep going to a waterfall, but it was just a little too far for me. I would love to have another chance to do it someday. This beach was a great place to have a snack and rest for a bit.

After the hike we stopped at a little farmer's market. I'd never had coconut water right out of a coconut, so we got one of those. I didn't really like it much.

Now this I did like. Shave ice! It's got shaved ice, ice cream, and sweetened condensed milk. 

We spent the evening at the beach within walking distance from our hotel. 

The trees are incredible!

We ate dinner at a local taco shop that night. I insisted we stop for some ice cream at the store so I could do one of my favorite things that night - eat and read in bed!


Kami said...

Oh wow! Those pics are GORGEOUS! Looks like so much fun! I loved the photo of your sexy legs. I also didn't like coconut milk, but HELLO... who wouldn't love those shaved ice concoctions! Yum! There is a place in Orem that does them like that by RC Willey. We'll have to go when you come next week.

Annie said...

Um...I was just thankful that eventually you actually got in a swimsuit and in the water! I couldn't have allowed you to go to Hawaii and do that. I mean hiking is great and all but seriously! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I am so glad you were able to get away somewhere together before you move.

Tina said...

Amazing Jess!! What a fun trip and you seriously took some breathtaking pictures. I just let out a big sigh after looking at them all. It looks so peaceful and wonderful. I hope this trip helped you gear up for your move and everything awaiting you! I'm so glad you got to go!