Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easterly Things

The Saturday morning before Easter there was a church egg hunt at a nearby park. There were 3 separate egg hunts for different age groups. I love watching the nursery age kids as they slowly collect eggs and open them as they go. Here's Emmy spotting an egg.

Obviously thrilled with the contents.

As you can see, Natalie was hard core with her overflowing basket. I had a couple adults come hand me a few eggs they were holding for her because she couldn't fit them all in her basket. 

And here we are Easter morning. The Easter bunny brought hats for all the kids. He's going to have to stop by again though because Natalie's was a little small.

Emmy loved her hat.

Happy Easter faces...

I was asked to teach the lesson in Young Women's on Sunday. I do not enjoy teaching lessons at all, and it kind of hung over my head all month. As is always the case, I ended up being very grateful that I was forced to do a lot of extra reading and pondering about the resurrection. What an amazing gift it is. I love to think that death has been conquered. We had a delicious Easter dinner with friends that evening...good friends make the world go round in my book. :)


Nollie said...

Love the cute picture of your family. You look beautiful and I bet you did a wonderful job on your lesson.

Lindsey said...

You look so great in the family pic, Jess. And I would love to hear your lesson. I bet you were amazing.

Anonymous said...

The perfect hat for Emmy the little up and coming fashionista of the family. A proud grandma I am. Proud of them all. Natalie's basket brings memories of a "hard core" daughter of mine at such events. And Jansen smiling big as always. You do look very pretty in your family pic. Nate too. Ok, did I cover everybody? Love you all Grandma Becca

Anonymous said...

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Kami said...

You have such a beautiful family! I love the girls' easter skirts and Jansen's vest. And you are a hottie (I know I always say that but it's true). Also, TOTALLY obsessed with how many eggs Natalie found- go get 'em girl!