Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adult Easter Egg Hunt

I think this is our 5th time doing an adult Easter egg hunt. I am usually not one that likes to host parties, but I love doing this egg hunt every year. Starting a couple of months before Easter, I look for cheap gag gifts and pretty much anything I think is strange or hilarious to use as prizes. There are some "good prizes" as well like gift cards and money. The Scows are our partners in crime, and they are the perfect co-hosts. This year we gave a prize to the couple wearing the most pastel. 

Nate and Brad (dressed in their best pastels) left about an hour before the party started  to "hide" the eggs in a nearby park. This is about half of the eggs we hid. It's about a 3 minute walk to the park, and it was nicknamed the "Walk of Shame" as 20+ adults dressed in pinks and purples made their way to the starting area.

You will notice upon further inspection that I am wearing Peeps as earrings. In this home we do not eat Peeps, we wear them.

After the couples returned from collecting eggs, the party really started. Some of the eggs had slips of paper in them that said things like "If you died, which couple would you choose to raise your children? Give them 2 eggs." Or "Put an egg in your mouth and shoot it out. Anyone willing to touch it can have it." Other eggs had papers in them marked "prize B." Julie and I had over 40 fun prizes to hand out. One important rule at the party is you have to wear anything you find in your eggs or receive as a prize.

Here are the Kelleys as fine examples of this.

This year we had a lot of awesome stuff. Orange mohawks are considered awesome in my book anyway.

Julie and I could not believe our luck with this find at the local thrift store. Bowling bag, bowling ball, and shoes. SOOOOOO cool. Creepy Hilary lurks in the background.

Long live Mitt Romney!

The sauna suit was a prize brought by another couple. It was awesome.

Our dear bishop always seems to get some really special prizes. Like the cat head bodice with the addition of a nasty pink bra.

Our faces hurt from laughing so much.

I love seeing the crazy side of people come out at the adult egg hunts. It's definitely one of the most memorable nights of our whole year. I'm so grateful for these fun friends.


Britni said...

This is so fun! I need to rip this idea off from you ;) Sounds like a BLAST!

Kati said...

Looks like it was fun this year, I'm sad we missed it!

Bethany said...

This is really very fun. What a good idea. I'm usually a little anti social and I HATE throwing parties, but... I am considering stealing this idea as well. :)

Knudson Family said...

Thanks for an incredibly fun night Jessica and Julie! We are going to have to talk someone into carrying on the tradition...

Joni said...

Looks like so much fun. Any chance I can get the scoop on this?

Kami said...

You are so creative Jess! I am going to do this next year! Looks like such a great time!