Monday, February 11, 2013

Week With Grandma

We'd been looking forward to Grandma Kim's visit for awhile, and now I can't believe she's already come and gone! She arrived late last Monday night. I had some friends coming to town Thursday, so it was great to have a couple days to spend with her before things got busy. We had lots of McDonald's smoothies, sunshine, and fun afternoons spent in the backyard. One morning we visited Jansen during his lunch at school.

We also had to take her to U-Swirl.

After my friends arrived in town, I was off duty. Nate and his mom took care of the kids for a couple days while I had a little girls' weekend. We let the kids stay home from school on Thursday, and they had a fun-filled day. They made a stop at Bass Pro Shop in the morning (and each kid got a tackle box) and then headed to Red Rock State Park. It's beautiful there.

I don't have much commentary for these pictures since I wasn't there, but I think they speak pretty well for themselves.

Ben was flying solo with his kids because Kiki was with me. They live near Red Rock, so Nate stopped by after hiking and they had pizza together.

Friday was a little more low key, and Nate and Kim got the kids up and off to school without a hitch. They went to Flip N Out that night. Nothing makes me love my husband more than when he sends me a video (while I'm out to dinner with friends) of him going down a huge blow up slide with his daughters. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. We dropped my friends off at the airport Saturday afternoon and then had a quick dinner at Town Square with Kim before taking her to the airport. It's always hard to wake up the next morning after a visitor has left. We're so glad Grandma Kim could come to Vegas. 


Nathaniel Nye said...

I must add that she is an awesome hiker for anyone that carries the title of "Grandma"!! Also, notice the green tackle boxes in the hike pictures...they were perfect for collecting rocks, sticks, "quicksand", and leaf samples from various shrubs along the way. Well worth the investment.

Grandma Kim said...

Boy, what a fun time we had! I'm also sad it came to an end so quickly . . . darn it! Thanks for all the adventures you planned - it was sooo great to reconnect with each child as they're growing up and changing so fast. . . also loved the parades (at 1 cent per song, there's not a better bargain anywhere)! Thanks for the compliment, Nate : ) - I must add also, that Emmy was quite the hiker as well! Thanks again for all the little memories to treasure and keep me going til next time!