Saturday, February 2, 2013

Making Lemonade, etc.

Bowls of water + lemons + sugar were sitting around the kitchen for a few days when Jansen and Natalie experimented with making lemonade. What a mess. I couldn't tell them no though. I did tell Natalie I would not drink it...except about a teaspoon size sip.

Sure was sweet when I found Jansen asleep with his hand still on his scripture stories.

Just a fun picture of my crazy Natalie girl.

And another...

Natalie and Jansen really like to play school right now. This is a worksheet Jansen created for Natalie that made me laugh out loud.

My friend Candy was baptized today. I haven't known her long, but she always calls me "sister" and I love it. I sat by her one Sunday in Relief Society, and we got talking and the rest is history. She will be such a great addition to our ward. Her teenage daughter was also baptized.

I just love the missionaries. We all take turns having them over for dinner, and I always just want to pour my heart out and tell them how wonderful I think they are. 


Kent and Leisy said...

how did natalie do on her worksheet? ha! so dang funny jess. oh, and I love missionaries, too. Sometimes I just want to hug them. and then I remember how uncomfortable that would make those poor boys :) and how it's also probably against the rules!

Anonymous said...

Crazy picture of Natalie, but check out crazy Emmy in the background. The Lemonade thing reminded me of when you guys would play restaurant and make me try things. Also the Nezbit creations.

Angie Sullivan said...

Do you remember playing "Lou Lou Fettucini"? It was a pretend talk show. You'd be a famous soccer star and Tony was a WWF star, I was Lou Lou and you'd come on my talk show? Please tell me I didn't dream this?!

Sarah Lunt said...

Your kids are hilarious! I agree with you on the lemonade - maybe it would be better to just smell it?? Congrats to your friend on her baptism! What a great addition to your ward and how wonderful that she already has great friends like you. I'm with you on the missionary thing - if I say the prayer when they are at our house, I end up crying!!