Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekend With the Girls

I am so glad we made this girls' weekend happen even though it's hard to coordinate schedules and make all the arrangements. A big thank you to all the husbands who cared for the kids while we spent their hard earned money. It was like Christmas morning for me on the day that I picked everyone up from the airport. Our first stop was a bite to eat at Panera, a memories-of-Ohio choice. We needed to book a hotel for that night, so this is Annie about to submit our Priceline bid. Can you believe we didn't get a 5 star hotel for $50? Those cheapskates. Oh well, we got Treasure Island for $60, and it was a 4 star.

We were not complete yet...we had to go pick up Kiki for that to happen. After we snagged her we went down to the strip and saw some sights at the Bellagio.

World's largest chocolate fountain and the world's greatest pose with a chocolate fountain.

Practically had to pry this girl away from the slots. 

We had dinner at Hash House a Go Go. Do you see the size of my pancake?! This was the perfect place to grab dinner because it was in the same hotel as the show we were going to see that night. I had gotten us last minute free tickets to Recycled Percussion.

We were all extremely worried as we stood in line for the show. They were handing out pots and pans for everyone to use and bang on. Kids were grabbing them and making awful noises. I think we all considered turning back. Luckily, the show was actually really fun, and all the crazy banging just blended in with the real music. We had drumsticks and were told to make lots of noise at certain times.

Annie got to go on stage and wear a monkey mask. LUUUCKY! She had to dance up there too, and she OWNED it! It was so funny. I love the memory I have of her coming and sitting back down and smothering her face with hand sanitizer.

Sporting some ear plugs...

Like I mentioned, we spent the night at Treasure Island. It's so fun to stay at a hotel and just chat with friends. We missed Kiki who headed home to sleep in her own comfy bed that night.

We had breakfast Friday morning at the Cracked Egg. We love our breakfast food.

Friday was our shopping day. We just hopped around hitting every store we could that day. 

Another Ohio memories choice: Rita's. I'm craving it as we speak. Mango Italian Ice with Vanilla Custard...

After our first choice for dinner was too packed, we decided to eat at BJs. You cannot go wrong with pizza. That night Annie and Kara spent the night at my house.

We were quite indecisive about what to do on Saturday, but it turned out to be a great day. We visited at Kiki's for awhile and then took Annie to have her first In n Out burger. We stopped at the Discount Shoe Factory for a minute after that.

Last memory before airport drop offs...drinks at Starbucks and laughing laughing laughing at Jansen's and Aiden's blogs. Both are much more entertaining than this one. I've missed these girls so much, and a weekend with them was more fun than I can put into words. Not sure when the next one will be, but there WILL be a next one. :)


Annie said...

Oh it was such a great weekend! I sure do love youband thanks for being such a wonderful host. Im so so glad this weekend happened. I think i laughed enough to get me through at least the next few months!

Annie said...

That is love you AND not band. Dumb ipad. Oh and i am loving your mix cd. Yoybshould hear audrey and i belt "this girl is on fire.". Audrey loves that song...

kiki comin said... funny annie...that is my kids favorite song too! that and #2..the car jams out to that one.:) thanks jess...seriously so much fun.

Ali said...

SSSoooo fun!

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Anonymous said...
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Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Seriously what a fun girls trip! And they all came to you! So glad you had a great time!