Monday, January 28, 2013

The INGs

Just a grainy Iphone picture to accompany all this text. :)

LOVING: Southwestern Beef in the crockpot from Our Best Bites. This will be our 3rd night having it for dinner in one form or another. And I'm not even a beef girl.

READING: I am reading The Anatomy of Peace. It's about principles that can help us have peace in our lives and hearts. I don't love the style of writing, and I am not "eating it up" quite like I expected to. I CAN say that in some ways it has already been a life changer though.

WATCHING: Nate and I have been watching a show on Netflix called Out of the Wild: Venezuela. Nate served his mission in Venezuela, so that was the big reason we chose to start this show. It's about 9 people who are dropped off in a remote area of Venezuela. With only basic supplies, they have to survive and get back to civilization. We really like it.

ANTICIPATING: Oh this is an easy one. I have 4 wonderful friends that I met in Ohio, and we are having a girls' weekend here in a little over a week. Cannot wait for this. I am also super excited to see Nate's mom who will coming to visit next week.

LISTENING TO: We are really into the Disney Tarzan soundtrack lately. I have always loved it and used to own the CD. I recently downloaded about 5 of my favorite songs from the movie, and the kids are converted now too.

PLANNING: Nate and I are in charge of a Pinewood Derby for a big single adults conference being held here in Las Vegas in a few weeks. We have been planning and meeting and organizing and buying to make this event really fun and successful.

WORKING ON: Being respectful! All of us...but mostly Jansen and Natalie. 

WISHING: I wish I still knew French like I did at the end of high school. I have plans to start brushing up on it again, but we will have to see if that ever really happens.


Anonymous said...

That is such a cute picture! Please work on your French while you are still young and your brain works. I want to learn Italian. Stop laughing.

Tina said...

You gorgeous girl you!!! Love that picture of you and Emmy. Have so much fun with your MIL and at your girl's night. You are always up to something fun and exciting!!!

Annie said...

Just say it. You are looking forward to ANNIE coming to visit you in a week. Don't worry. I won't tell any of the other girls. Or your mother in law.

Lara H. said...

Miss ya Jess! And loved this post! :)

Kami said...

J'aime le photo de tu et Emmy. J'ai besoin de brush up sur mes skills aussi. Haha!

Nathaniel Nye said...

Ami, c'est l'amour. Désespérément en amour avec ma femme.

Michelle said...

I loved this post! What a great way to get a snapshot idea of what is going on in your life. I am so impressed with how you keep up on your blog!