Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

I'm not exactly sure when this picture was taken. December some time. It rained, and I loved the idea that Jansen and Natalie came up with to huddle under umbrellas with their blankets. It looked rather cozy actually!

For some reason, Emmy really loves these glasses. She tries to sleep with them on. Although our dress up tote feels like a big pile of random things, the kids love to use it. They come up with some crazy outfits.

Nate's mom made this hat for Natalie when she was a baby, and now Emmy has claimed it as a favorite. One of my favorite Emmy-isms right now is "What color my tongue?" Any time she eats something, she wants to know what color it has changed her tongue to.

This was Jansen's school Christmas concert. During one of the songs Jansen was supposed to have an instrument of some sort. I watched the mix up happen, and he didn't end up with one. It hurt my little mommy heart SO much to see him raise his little hand during the song to alert the teacher. Of course she had a million other things to worry about and didn't even notice him. I could tell he was so sad, and then almost angry. We both survived. :)

Nate has been working hard on a big research paper. Last night he stayed up until almost 4 am editing and changing it. This picture was taken on New Year's Eve. Natalie and Emmy had colds, so we had to cancel some plans and just stayed home. We had a pizza night and watched Brave for our first time. The kids still went to bed at 8...hehehe...I probably won't get away with that for much longer.

New Year's Day we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called On the Border.

 I usually HATE eating out with kids, but they were well behaved and we had a good night. 

A couple days have been nice enough to head to the park. 

Emmy was very very fussy last night. We figured she was in pain and considered teeth or a tummy ache. I put her to bed, but she woke up quickly and told me her ear hurt. Duh! We should have thought of ear infection since she's had a cold. Sure enough, she has a bad one. I rocked her back to sleep and expected a long night, but she slept through the night (total shocker) and was perfectly fine today. Her ear is still infected, but she must have a pretty high pain tolerance. Church changed to 1 pm, and I actually think I will like that time. Nate was recently released as YM President and I was released from Primary. We were called as the single adult representatives for our ward. It will be fun to be serving in a calling together.


Meggin said...

I have to say I am totally jealous about your husband's release from his calling! Does that make me a bad person? Wait, don't answer that.

Anonymous said...

That calling sounds fun and so perfect for you guys!

Jaime Lynne said...

I really enjoy when you do these random posts. It gives a fun glimpse into your daily life. Congrats on the new callings! Sounds like a lot of fun.