Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow Morning

We have to drive about 45 minutes to get to any snow around here. All the kids have coats, but anything more than that as far as winter wear...nope. Plus these Vegas kiddos seem to have gotten a little wimpy when it comes to feeling cold. Taking all that into consideration, it's always a hard to decide if we should make the trip to Mt. Charleston to do a little sledding. Thankfully this time I made my friend Becca make the decision for us! I'm glad she decided we should go for it. Jansen was in a pretty terrible mood that morning, but taking his picture while he sat on the hood of the car seemed to distract him and he was over it.

We got a great parking spot, and the sun was shining. Two good starts to the morning. In true Natalie fashion, this one spent a lot of the time by herself exploring, playing, and gathering.

Emmy kept wanting to do everything on her belly.

There were tons of broken sleds everywhere. People would just leave them! I couldn't believe it.

I love this one!

Natalie preferred to slide down the hill without anything but her own body.

It was so fun. I wish we could have stayed longer. Honestly we were probably only there about an hour. We reached a point when Natalie's feet were freezing, Jansen's bad mood was back, and Emmy was crying, so it was time to go. It was all still worth it though.


Kami said...

So fun! Loved the terrified pic of Emmy! Haha! Me and Jason haven't gone sledding this year and I would really like to.

Tina said...

That looks like a blast and I just love all the pictures you got. What a fun memory.