Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Morning (And Some Eve)

Christmas Eve the kids opened their new pajamas and books. Jansen was so excited about his Ninjago book.

I'm glad I took this picture, and now I remember why I did. Natalie knew bedtime was approaching, and she was furiously writing as many notes as possible to as many people as possible before bedtime. They were like her little gifts to everyone.

Thankfully, the kids have never woken up super duper early on Christmas morning. Lexi and Brennon slept on a mattress upstairs, so our wake up time was their wake up time. It was really fun to have them there Christmas morning with Addi.

It's a little hard to see, but there was an evil elf under the chair trying to steal one of Jansen's presents. I had to yell at it to go away. See me creeping out from the Christmas tree? (Ok, seriously now. What the heck? Why would I have that look on my face on CHRISTMAS MORNING?) I love me.

Emmy had a looooong sucker in her stocking.

Jansen kept talking about what a great Christmas it was and about his pile of presents. He was so fun to watch.

Love our Mom and Moose.

I wish I had some pictures from it, but we went to Pectol's for breakfast. It was so so wonderful to be there Christmas morning with everyone. My uncle Don asked me to say the prayer on the food and I cried through the whole thing. I didn't realize I would do that! I think I was just feeling grateful and happy and really missed being with my family.

After that we went to my grandparent's house. Growing up we always went to their house after opening presents and met up with all our cousins. I loved being there. Emmy was such a good sport the whole trip. Here she is giving me the signal...***Mom, when I pull up one pant leg, it means I am done sitting on Grandpa's lap.***

My family loves Nate. He and my grandpa always have some good conversations.

Oh how I love my grandma and my cousin Meggie. It made my Christmas to get to see them both.

We actually drove back to Las Vegas that afternoon. The drive went well, and it really wasn't a big deal spending Christmas afternoon in the car. 


Knudson Family said...

Ok, Emmy's "pantleg signal" picture had me rolling. You are so funny.

Anonymous said...

I saw that evil elf sneeking around later in the morning too. You just have to be stern with them, it's all they understand.

Annie said...

I think in order to keep the kids acting appropriately you have to sneak around behind the tree with your evil face. It only makes sense. You don't want them enjoying all those presents too much.

I love the pant leg. I am totally going to steal that. Now when I am in uncomfortable situations I'm just going to pull up that pant leg and hope those around me remember the signal.

Kati said...

My Jantzen got that same Ninjago book. I know that's what they're going to be talking about in the car after school on Monday.

Anonymous said...

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