Thursday, December 27, 2012

We'll Start Here

Until maybe a month before Christmas, we weren't planning on going to Utah for the holiday. I went back and forth in my head so many times, weighing the pros and was a hard decision to make. We wanted so badly to be with extended family, but it's SO much work. One morning while I was running, a song came on that reminds me of my grandparents, and at that moment I decided I wanted to go to Utah. It was definitely the right decision.

We are back now. And sick. Poor little Addi threw up on Christmas Day (and smiled through it all), and Natalie threw up this morning. Nate came home early from work and is asleep now. Since we are home all day, it's cold (kind of), and the kids have lots of new toys to play with, I am also giving potty training a go. I think this is just round 1 of many. It's not going so well, and I am ready to wait another few months already.

The drive to Utah seems to get easier and easier. I can't believe I am saying this, but in some ways I can't believe how quickly 5 hours goes by. Natalie fell asleep on the way there. :) We got to my mom's house around 11 on Friday night.

On Saturday Nate and Brennon took Natalie and Jansen to Nickel City. They had so much fun and loved earning tickets to trade in for make-your-tongue-green treats. 

On Saturday night we met up with more of my family at Brick Oven. How I love good food with people I adore.

We went to the Riverwoods after dinner and saw the lights and warmed ourselves at the outdoor fires. It was a bustling place, and I actually really enjoyed that part of it. I snuck in a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

This is right in the middle of their rendition of "Jingle Bells." As always, the kids loved being with their second cousins.

Lexi and Brennon's little girl Addi is a heart melter. 

So that's the start to our Christmas in Utah!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Natalie in the picture asleep. Really, can't those seats recline even a little? I guess they get used to it and it's the safest. We used to ride in the back of the Station Wagon laying down with our feet out the back window. Guess it's a good thing we never got in a wreck. Thanks for taking the pictures at Riverwoods, it does look magical.