Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things Going On

Well, we painted mini pumpkins last week ,and Jansen's face looks eerily similar to his painted one. 

Last Friday was "Nevada Day," so the kids didn't have school again. To celebrate the great state of Nevada (I just now decided that's why we did this), we went to do a small walk/hike at Red Rock. It was one of those humorous situations in which we were in the car longer than we were outside, and the kids were a little ornery. I'm still glad we got out of the house. 

Saturday was another pretty wide open day that needed to be filled. After cleaning the house up a bit in the morning, we went to a farmer's market at Tivoli Village. It was such a gorgeous day. Natalie wasn't in the best mood at the beginning...

...but she got over it. Our apples were really expensive, but DELICIOUS! Everything was a little pricey of course, but I don't regret my hummus and pita chips or our $3 popsicles for a minute.

This is one of those places where you see lots of dogs in strollers. I, for one, forgot my stroller, so this little puppy roamed and danced her way up the streets.

Emmy's popsicle was coconut, and I had to steal lots of bites.

The kids made masks at this art booth.

One of my favorite parts of the market was the pile of hula hoops for anyone to use.

Later that night was the trunk or treat at the church. I loved hearing Jansen describe his costume to people, "Well, I'm Thor with a big sword from the dollar store." Hush, hush boy...it looks higher quality than that from afar! I LOVE hearing Emmy say Halloween. It's more like "Lalloween!"

This was moments before she ran into a folding metal chair. 

My little man practicing his moves. We are lucky to be able to wear flip flops and have this event outside!


Annie said...

It makes me so happy that little Emmy loves Strawberry Shortcake. Looks like you are doing well with your hubby gone. And don't tell Jansen but I think Thor has a hammer not a dollar store sword. Just between you and me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the bucket on the head. We know where that comes from don't we?

Kami said...

Love seeing the kids in their costumes! Also, love the farmer's market. That looked like SO much fun and something I would've thoroughly enjoyed. I'm always amazed at the fun things you are doing with your kids. And lastly, those popsicles looked delicious, WELL worth $3.

Ariel said...

The kids are so much bigger! Hadn't seen a pic of them in a while. So cute, too! I loved "Well, I'm Thor with a big sword from the dollar store."