Sunday, November 4, 2012


Here's how our Halloween went.
The kids both had Trunk or Treats at school on Halloween day, and I sat and handed out candy at Natalie's.  That night our neighbors (the Zygmonts) invited us over for chili and cornbread. I had sent out a mass text a few days earlier and invited people to come trick or treat with us about 6. We had a fun group and wandered our way around for an hour and a half or so. It was almost the exception to find houses handing out candy instead of the reverse.

Here is Miss Strawberry Shortcake. She had never wanted to wear her wig until Halloween night. I am so glad she changed her mind! I couldn't fuss with it too much in case she decided to throw a tantrum, so it's a little tousled. :)

Our "Thor with a dollar store sword" and pretty little witch...

This is at the Zygmont's house. Look at Emmy's long, beautiful locks!

Some of the little girl trick or treaters

And the big girl trick or treaters

The group of kids

Emmy did awesome. What I mean is, she stayed in her stroller the whole time. She had a sucker in each hand...what more could she ask for? This year the kids traded in their candy for a toy. I just can't resist all those treats, and I get tired of hearing them ask for it. It was a win-win. We ate some for a day or two, but then I just dumped it in the trash. It was so hard to see all that goodness go to waste! But I am so glad it's gone.

Also, my mom left today. She came and spent a few days with us while Nate is gone. Always tears at my heart a little when she leaves!

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