Monday, October 1, 2012

The Glasses

The be completely honest, it took us a couple weeks after getting Natalie's prescription to get to an optical center. I was doing a little research before taking her in, but for the most part, time just got away from us. We ended up getting a Hello Kitty pair. We figure if it makes Natalie more excited and comfortable about wearing them, it's worth passing up the cheapest frames.

Her glasses came in very quickly after we ordered them. I had expected to wait probably a week longer than we did. I dragged the three kids to go pick them up, and Emmy kept herself entertained by putting stickers all over herself.

And so we begin this new phase of life. She is supposed to wear them all the time, but that's hard for her to do right now. We are easing into things. I have to remind her to put them on a lot, but I don't insist that she wear them every second. Thankfully, she has never refused to put them on or acted really embarrassed about them.

Today was her first day wearing them to school. They came home in one piece, so that's a start!


Lara H. said...

She looks so cute in them! LOVE the Emmy sticker pic too!

Tina said...

Oh my goodness!! She looks adorable. Like her little face was meant for glasses!! So precious. Good luck with the whole glasses at school quest. It's been adventurous over here for sure but I have a rough and tumble boy so maybe that's the difference. Love the pictures!!

Ally said...

She is SO darling!

Where does the time go? Honestly, I remember the first time I talked to you, in Nollie's kitchen, with tiny Natalie.

I just can't believe it.

So good to see your cute family doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no reason to be embarrassed, they are like a fashion statement on that cute little face. It gives me a little anxiety remembering the terror i would feel when i realized i had lost my glasses - again - (usually down in the couch cushions. Grandma Travis was not nearly as patient as i know you will be about such things.

The Nye's said...

I've been wondering about Brookies eyes. I need to get her in. Natalie looks SO cute with her glasses!!

Melinda said...

Natalie looks way cute with her glasses! I remember getting my first all you need to do is make her get a perm, braces, and dress her in a giant t-shirt to make her re-live and understand your childhood. The 90's were a scary time.