Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun Filled Weekend

Last Friday evening after Nate got home from work, I headed down to the Cashman Center for the first part of Time Out for Women. I had been telling Nate, this is not a girls' weekend, it's a work conference! I told him I would come back a better wife and mother. After Friday evening's presentation we headed to Caesar's Palace to have dessert at Max Brenner. I had some waffle fries that were so delicious I would have paid $6 for them. Oh wait, I think I did. 

Becca, Scovia, and I spent the night at the Flamingo. We got to the hotel after midnight, and of course there was a huge line to check in even at that time of night. This city seriously never sleeps. Here is our cool/weird hotel room.

In the morning we had the buffet at the hotel (I think of you often dear omelet). Saturday was awesome with inspiring, funny, touching, and memorable speakers and performers. I got choked up over and over but did a pretty good job of not being a total water works. Here are the girls I sat with sporting our Time Out for Women bags. I actually only know two of these ladies, but it's amazing how much fun any group of women can have together.

We love Mariama! Here's a little about her: Raised in war-torn Sierra Leone, Mariama Kallon saw many things as a young girl that might fill a person with fear and hatred. Soon after witnessing the violent murders of parents and siblings and spending her youth fleeing from rebels, she was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ and found hope in God and peace in a knowledge of eternal families

Pure luck! I was sitting right in front of some awesome women from my ward.

Well, the fun didn't stop after that. I made a pit stop at home for a couple hours and then went to dinner and shopping with these lovely ladies. Gosh, I have got to grow up. These photos were my idea. We ate at a gourmet burger place called Bachi Burger and shopped at some outlets. I laughed and laughed that night.

Just a reminder, I am 30 years old.

I was a little stressed (but not much) that night because I was giving a talk in church the next day. A 15-20 minute one about "being an example of righteousness." Luckily, I had pretty much finished it up before the fun filled weekend because I knew I would be exhausted Saturday night. Feels so nice to have that over with, but I really did appreciate the opportunity to study and read and learn a lot that week as I prepared.


Knudson Family said...

It was a very lovely talk!

Tina said...

Never grow up Jess!! You are pure fun and delight and I just love reading about your adventures and how silly/crazy/awesome you are!! I'm glad you had such a fun time. Looks like a blast.

(Oh, and did you girls all plan to wear a cardigan to dinner? It looks like it was planned... :) Hee, hee!

Kati said...

You're never too old to have that kind of fun!! I still do things like that and I'm older than you.

Anonymous said...

Looks fun. No point trying to act mature. Its just not in your genetics. Sorry. Its a really strong gene. Good thing your mother is one of the few that has over come :)

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

LOVE the last picture... haha... I need to bring this side out of you more often :) Wish I could have seen this wild side in action! SO glad you came to TOFW, really really hoping we get to go together again next year!!