Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gilcrease Orchard and Stuff

Why are tunnels so stinking fun? (On a sidenote, I had moment there where I couldn't remember if the word tunnel had one "l" or two. I first tried two and was horrified when Blogger underlined it in red. Things like this scare me. Like I'm getting dumber with age.) Anyway, tunnels and tricycles are where it's at.

I don't know what I would do without smoothies. Throw some spinach in there and PHEW, I've done my motherly duty for the day in the vegetable department.

All I can say is I hope to see more of this in her future. People that do things like this are fun to be with. 

Thanks to an invite from a great friend, we took a Saturday morning and went to Gilcrease Orchard. No crisp fall air, that's for sure...but so much fun.

Dad was indispensable when it came to finding a great pumpkin. Natalie is always such a trooper on these types of trips. 

It's important to have a few pictures with me in them right? Emmy was tired (thus cranky and clingy) that day. She never left my arms.

We ended up picking a BIG zucchini, some eggplant, sweet potatoes, a few radishes, and some apples. I picked up a couple pears and pear and apple cider at the checkout. We made a zucchini and eggplant lasagna a couple days later and it was really good!

But what I can't get out of mind...the apple cider donuts with frosting. Incredibly yummy. 

My wonderful friend Danielle was in town for the weekend, and she stopped by my house that afternoon. It was so good to chat with her and catch up. I'm so sad I forgot to get a picture of us! 

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Lindsey said...

I love what you said about not being sure how to spell tunnel. Especially coming from the Spelling Bee Champion. I do things like this on a daily basis and I really do worry about myself :)