Monday, October 8, 2012

Date Night

Date nights are actually fairly stressful to me. The kids don't love having a sitter, it gets expensive, and I have to clean the house so we don't look like nasty dirty people to the babysitter! BUT, it's so worth it, and I love knowing that being together and having dinner or whatever is exactly what we should be doing at that moment. It's time well spent.

We met up with the Nelsons and had delicious Thai food first. The BYU/USU game was on, so our husbands were a little distracted for part of the night. :)

Next up, miniature golf. We were all pretty awesome. And I proved to be extra brilliant by wearing play a the dark...on terrain that included small hills, rocks, and sand.

We had so much fun with these guys.

Hole in one, baby!


Anonymous said...

Fashion first sweetie. Isn't that what I taught you. So proud. I'm so excited that you are a comin'.

Mom T. said...

Well done, Rebecca! You are justified in your pride : ) ! And you have a right to be proud too, Jess! Great job . . . even in the face of danger (isn't that a VERY large spider on the rock near your foot?) . . . so glad you got to "carve out" some time for a night out with friends! Miss you!

Kent and Leisy said...

I am such the opposite with date nights! our kids BEG for babysitters. and I just LOVE having someone else put my kids to bed. I'm such a cheapo- except when it comes to babysitting. I bet I get a sitter at least 4 times/month!! we do have some awesome yw who don't charge an arm and leg, though!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

The last picture is definitely my favorite... you forgot to mention it was the "most difficult hole" on the course :) Thanks for such a fun night! Sure hope we can squeeze another date night in before next summer, sad thing is it will probably take some serious planning just like this one!