Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Can Still Smell Her

With all the kids' birthdays so close together, my mom decided to come down for a visit to celebrate. It worked out really nice because Nate was gone part of the weekend hiking Mt. Whitney. Hooray for not being alone with the kids all day on a Saturday! We just loved having her here...I mean, she's the type of grandma that will wear a Strawberry Shortcake accessory in her hair. And it was probably her idea.

The kids were introduced to the game Barrel of Monkeys. Gosh, Natalie has a long way to go in terms of being a good sport. Full on fits on the floor if things didn't go her way.

We ran errands together and went to the park. I'm thinking of putting this one in Emmy's modeling portfolio. I mean, the girl is looking good in that playground tunnel.

Jansen asked me to take a picture of him to show why he was "born for the monkey bars." 

The guest bedroom still smells like my mom (in a good way), so I miss her every time I go in there. Thankfully, I know she'll be back before too long!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for "cropping" what I am sure was a nasty cleavage in the first shot! I had so much fun playing with the kids and watching how great your patience is, gets my memory going about being a mom of little energizer bunnies. Really, and then I sniff, sniff all the way home. And Emmy and I bonded! Wasn't sure it would ever happen, then it did!

Annie said...

I love Emmy in the tunnel. So funny. I bet you had so much fun with your mom. She looks like the most awesome grandma ever. And I'm particularly glad you at least have SOME My Little Pony stuff at your house

kelsadkins said...

Your guys' kids' personalities never cease to make me giggle. Emmy's model shot & Jansen's monkey-bar showcase are great!